5 Types of Adamantium You Have Never Heard Before

Adamantium has always been a crucial part of the comic book world and superheroes. No matter how badly they go through their train of consequences, Adamantium has saved the mightiest superheroes from mayhem, nuclear explosion and helped them cut through their enemies. Whether it is Captain America’s shield which is made up of adamantium-vibranium alloy or Wolverine’s skeleton, Adamantium’s density and the potential to slash through the hardest substances has always brought the effectiveness of the alloy into question. Today we bring you five types of Adamantium that you don’t know existed in the comic book world.


Prot Adamantium is one of the indestructible forms of Adamantium and Captain America’s shield the right epitome. Ever wondered whether his shield and Wolverine’s claws are made of the same alloy? But earlier, Doctor Doom was able to destruct the indestructible after he possessed Beyonder’s superpowers.

True Adamantium

True Adamantium is a part of Marvel’s most recognizable superhero Wolverine. Yes, his skeleton is made from this Adamantium, which is also called as Primary Adamantium. However, only beings like Magento and those who have god-level superpowers have manipulated the material. This rare form of Adamantium is expensive.

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