Flash S03: Grant Gustin’s Most Favorite Villain Is Coming To Central City

Grant Gustin is one of the most adorable and successful TV personality. He plays the character of Barry Allen on CW show based on the DC Superhero Flash who realizes his speed powers after he was hit by particle accelerator explosion. The show is famous for bringing in formidable adversaries against Team Flash, in season 1 it was Reverse Flash/ Eobard Thawne, season 2 it was Zoom/ Hunter Zolomon, season 3 has already featured Alchemy and will soon introduce a terrifying speedster called as Savitar.


In a promotional video, Grant Gustin admitted that his favorite villain is Mirror Master. At San Diego Comic Con 2016, the show-makers released a teaser trailer for the Flash season 3, which had a name of Alchemy on the mirror, fans believed it to be confirmation of Mirror Master’s appearance. Well, finally he is set to appear in Flash Season 3 next episode. The title of the episode is “The New Rogues” and it will also feature Captain Cold.


He is one of the most beloved and fan-favorite Flash villains. He is a meta-human who uses specialized mirrors and use them as a doorway to another dimension, often served as transportation for the Rogues. He is a smooth criminal with a huge ego, upon discovering his powers he goes on a killing spree to prove his abilities. The show makers have cast Grey Damon as Mirror Master, and in fact, he could be the human villain that the show creators were talking about. The trailer of the next episode suggests a lighter, comical tone which may turn off fans who were expecting an all-out Rogue war based on Geoff Johns Flash comic-book of the same name. The most amazing part of the episode will be to see – What will Dr. Alchemy do when rogue war breaks out?

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