8 Celebs With Two Different Colored Eyes

Eyes don’t lie, or they do? Eyes speak a lot about the person and the color of the eyes also reveal a lot about what kind of a person someone is. But, what if, someone’s eyes have two different colors? I am not kidding. Heterochromia is the name of the condition, where people have different colored eyes. How do these people look? Well, to be honest, many of you might not have even noticed these different colors. But if you are a good observer, then you would have caught them. Take a look at these celebs who have different colored eyes.

Kate Bosworth


Kate Bosworth generally wears contact lenses to hide her different colored eyes. But when she was signed for the role of Lois Lane in 2006’s “Superman Returns”, the director Bryan Singer told her not to wear contact lens and be confident about her eyes. Look what she had to say on this, “[He] wanted to keep them the way they are. So now the Lois Lane dolls have different colored eyes”.

Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis revealed in an interview with a Cosmopolitan magazine that she developed her different colored eyes because of the chronic iris inflammation. Because of this she also had developed cataracts and poor vision. Read what she had to say, “I was blind in one eye for many years, and nobody knew”. Mila Kunis ultimately had to undergo a surgery to correct her sight.

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Misha Mehta

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