8 Celebs With Two Different Colored Eyes

Max Scherzer


Max Scherzer was born with blue eyes. As revealed by his mother, the color of his eyes changed when he was four months old. Look at what she had to say, “Then he was four months old. I looked down at my baby, and he had a blue and green eye. I have pictures and everything. I took him to the pediatrician shortly after that, and he said, ‘They may go back and forth. They may change again this year.’ As the year went on, the blue eye got bluer, and the green eye changed to brown.” That must be shocking for her as a parent. So, it is not just that the people change, but also the color of their eyes changes.

Josh Henderson


Dallas actor Josh Henderson confessed that his eyes are always a topic of discussion. He revealed, that if he doesn’t use contacts, then he is almost blind in his left eye.

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Misha Mehta

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