Arrow Season 5: Everything to Know About the Villain Prometheus

Arrow Season 5 is back and it has been a delight to see Oliver’s time in Russia. It makes so many things clear on how he became something else. However, if you noticed in the final moments of the last episode(and the pilot too), a new villain along with Church has taken the streets. He calls himself Prometheus.

Here is everything to know about Arrow Season 5 Villian Prometheus:

According to executive producer Wendy Mericle,

He has a very personal grudge and axe to grind with Oliver and he’s going to come at him in a really interesting, sociopathic kind of way.

Origin of Prometheus in Arrow-verse:

Detective Malone: Rumored to be Prometheus (Source: TVline)

Executive producer┬áMarc Guggenheim has already made it clear that the show will deviate from comics and the Arrow-Prometheus will be an original character. However, in comics, he is a small-time criminal who works for Doctor Alchemy. In Arrow-verse he is portrayed by┬áChad Graham.┬áSince we know there will be a four-way crossover of the CW Shows (Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow), he could just be more than your regular show villain. A popular theory is that he is Felicity’s boyfriend, Detective Malone. But, this is still a fan mill rumor and has no base.

What is his Agenda?

arrow season 5 prometheus flashpoint
Could it be because of Flashpoint?

He could be something Oliver created in his past. Oliver made many enemies and one of them is back for blood. Or, it could be a direct impact of Flashpoint. Yes, Barry Allen’s mess may have had severe implications on Arrow than just Baby Sara being replaced by Diggle Junior.

Powers and Abilities:

arrow season 5 prometheus
Prometheus is Well Trained an d Menacing (source: TVline)

Since we are talking about the Arrow-verse Prometheus, this villain has no special powers and has gone intense combat training just like Oliver. In comics, Prometheus body armor, gauntlets that fire various projectiles and hypnotism to fight his enemies. In the two episodes this season on Arrow, he has already shown his abilities as a fighter when he easily overpowered Church.

The show-runners have already promised that Arrow will return to the dark side again this season. It is already in motion as Oliver is killing guys (it was missing for the past 2 seasons). The Bratva flashbacks have been quite exquisite and we hope it only gets intense and darker.

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