Arrow Season 7 Trailer Introduces a New Hero Under The Hood

Arrow Season 7 Trailer:

The brand new trailer of the seventh season of the popular series ‘Arrow’ is out and getting some exciting and good reviews about it. The trailer has been released by CW and the fans are almost in love with this. This is going to be the first season in which Beth Schwartz is going to feature as a brand-new showrunner after the departure of Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle.

Arrow Season 7 Trailer

In this new season, we are going to see that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is spending his time in prison for all the crimes he has done in the name and skin of Green Arrow. The seventh season is finally going to introduce the character of ‘The Longbow Hunters and also the much-awaited return of Colton Haynes as a regular in series, also reprising his role of Arsenal aka Roy Harper.

Arrow Season 7 Trailer In the latest trailer of the season, we get the first look of some famous characters as The Longbow Hunters, Silencer, Kodiak, and Red Dart. The roles are going to be played by Miranda Edwards (The Magicians), Holly Elissa (Whistler), and Michael Jonsson (Van Helsing), also teasing he arrival of a new hero under the famous hood of the ‘Green Arrow’. The trailer of the show has been given below and you can feel the thrill and curiosity all by yourself, the trailer is listed below.

It is set in the Arrowverse and is sharing continuity with other T.V. series of the universe. The season is going to be produced by Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television, and DC Entertainment. The production of the season began earlier this year in July.

Arrow Season 7 Trailer

Also, it has been revealed that David Ramsey would direct the eleventh-episode of the season, also marking Ramsey’s directorial debut. The man has also grown a beard to accurately resemble the Green Arrow of the comics. Guggenheim also confirmed that Haynes would be reprising his role as Roy Harper from the previous appearances, and not another version of the character.

Arrow Season 7 Trailer

The man who is playing the role of Oliver Queen has told in an interview with IGN as he stated that,

“Normally I have a really good overall view of the season; the interesting thing thus far this season is, I had a scene recently and it was the first time that I had worked with a series regular in months, because Oliver’s very isolated in prison, obviously, The prison stuff, it’s really gritty. And we beat Oliver down. There’s one episode where I spend the entire episode in one room. That’s it, and it was just two straight days of super, super interesting and intense stuff that I don’t think we’ve really done on the show. We’ve never taken a character and isolated him and examined him psychologically the way we have this year with Oliver … So that sort of examination has been a really interesting exercise for me.”

Arrow Season 7 Trailer

The actor has also told his experiences in living a life in prison and also the things which we are going to see in the season by stating that,

“He’s in prison with a bunch of people that he basically put there. And I would say that Brick is kind of the ringleader of the group. But the things that Oliver discovers about some of the prisoners, I think are a little bit unexpected for the first part of the season. And there’s a couple of interesting employees in the prison, and there’s also an inmate that I don’t think Oliver ever thought he would see again. Stanley and Oliver have a relationship where, when he first gets in there, he seeks out Oliver for help and for protection. And there’s a very, very interesting scene, where Brick and his whole crew use Stanley as leverage against Oliver. And especially in the first episode, it really illustrates how far Oliver’s fallen, and how he’s had to cope with being in prison.”

Arrow Season 7 Trailer

The Arrow Season 7 is set to be premiered on October 15 at 8:00 p.m. on The CW. What you think about the trailer? Tell us in the comments section below.

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