13 Movies and Shows With Strong Female Leads on Netflix

Women in recent years have been taking over the world, each leading strong and independent careers across a wide range of industries. Being much more independent than they were previously allowed to, making their own incomes and spending it as they please depositing on things such as slot game bonuses. There’s lots of things which need to be improved when it comes to diversity in the media, however, Netflix has made a great start. There are lots of fantastic shows with strong female leads to watching on Netflix which will keep your feminist heart happy. These ladies are funny, smart, witty, clever and brave. Grab some popcorn because you’re about to feel inspired. We want the movement to keep pushing forward and our voices are slowly being heard. Know that when you’re having a Netflix binge, you’re adding your voice to those who pray for more diversity. Here are our top picks of movies and shows with strong female leads:

Happy Valley

You can guarantee that any show starring Sarah Lancashire is going to be worth watching. Sarah plays police sergeant Catherine Cawood in what’s supposed to be the quiet down of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. In the series, she is a massive multi-tasker and juggles a range of things from small crimes to major crimes, supports her alcoholic sister and keeps her grandson away from his predatory dad.


Glow is based on a true story which follows the life of an unlikely band of female wrestlers. Wilder unexpectedly finds an opportunity for stardom which is to enter the glitter and leotard laden world of women’s wrestling where she must collaborate with 12 other Hollywood rebels. The drama follows their journey and deals with the problem of whether or not women’s involvement in the league exploits or empowers them.

The Sinner

If you love a good psychological thriller, then you’re in for a treat with The Sinner. The Sinner stars Jessica Biel who commits an apparently random act of violence. The series explores why such a normal and down to earth woman would do such a terrible thing like stabbing a man to death in broad daylight when she’s at the beach with her family. This mysterious drama also explores topics of women’s traditional roles in society and sisterhood.

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie are two middle-aged women who are forced to deal with a long-term shared bitterness after both their husbands fall in love. The series debunks myths about female friendship and rivalry.

Call the Midwife 

Be prepared to feel all of the emotions with this heart-warming yet heartbreaking series. Call the Midwife follows the lives of the midwives, nuns and community of London’s East End in the 1950’s and ’60s. It explores the challenges faced delivering babies among poverty in often frightening and terrible conditions. The show has a very strong female cast which includes actress Helen George and Comedienne Miranda Hart. Make sure to have some tissues by your side as you’re sure to shed a few tears with every episode. Heartbreaking tales and adorable babies. Perhaps to cheer yourself up, you can play the latest games at DreamJackpot or at Thailand Casino.

Jessica Jones

Fantasy lovers unite, Jessica Jones is an exciting and thrilling female-led superhero series. It’s about time there were more superhero women! Her plan as a superhero doesn’t exactly turn out the way she had hoped, so she decides to set up a unique detective agency. The series explores the effects of trauma and has lots of dark humor and cynicism in it. We hope there’s some light at the end of the trauma. 


Killing of the male lead would mean the end of the show for most action series, Homeland is that exception. Carrie Mathison is the lead woman in this show and she works at fighting terrorists and laughs in the face of workplace sexism almost as if nothing has changed.                         

Bring it on

Now it’s time for a feel-good film! Bring It On follows a group of cheerleaders who team together to become the ultimate champions and get the trophy. This film follows the ups and downs each member of the team faces. This film will make you feel like you can do anything when you put you mind to it – particularly when you’re part of the team and play by the rules.

Orange is the New Black

If you haven’t seen Orange is the New Black then where have you been? It was released in 2013 and now has 5 seasons. The show features an almost entire female cast which is widely diverse in terms of race, culture and sexuality. It follows the lives of several women in the prison who face a lot of issues every day.

Mean Girls 

Arguably the best movie to watch with your gal pals, Mean Girls is filled with girl power. The message of the film is to encourage girls to work together instead of fight against each other. The perfect empowering message. The film stars Lindsay Lohan as Cady who’s just starting out at a new school. The high school is full of cliques and popularity contests so it’s hard to know which group to join. She unknowingly finds herself in the popular group of students who are known as “the Plastics”. She soon realizes how shallow and mean these people are and how they got their name.

For a good time, call 

This film follows two frenemies who are about to embrace their sexuality and embark on an exciting business venture together. For a good time, call will have you laughing all the way through. It’s a feel-good film portraying what happens when a woman wants to help another woman. They definitely don’t let the standards of society bring them down!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy is an upbeat fun character who sees the good in everything despite her struggles. Ellie Kemper who plays Kimmy is absolutely hilarious and you’ll be crying with laughter with every episode. Watch out for the alcoholic therapist scene in series two, now that is hilarious!


13 Movies and Shows With Strong Female Leads on Netflix

Miranda Hart is a hilarious woman and her comedy show Miranda is one that’s so easy to watch and is effortlessly funny. It became a cult classic when it was aired on the BBC a few years ago. It’s endlessly quotable and you’ll find yourself saying her funny phrases all the time.

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