4 Actors Who Were Literally Forced To Be A Part Of The Movie

There are times when actors need to audition for a role and there are times when roles come automatically to their way. Read about these 4 Actors were literally forced to be a part of the Movie.

 1) Natalie Portman – Thor: The Dark World


So, when Natalie Portman agreed to be a part of Thor, it was kind of a well-known fact that Marvel Studios used to sign every actor who was a part of their movies to multiple movie contracts. Looks like Portman might have missed this little factoid, as she never wanted to be a part of Thor sequel. So, basically, Portman was pregnant, and she had publicly specified it several times that she wanted to take a break to take care of her child.

 2) Edward Norton – The Italian Job


Ed Norton is another star who was forced to be a part of the film which he never wanted to be a part of. So, Norton had signed this three-picture deal with Paramount when he landed his role in Primal Fear. But after the success, he achieved he never obliged his movie contract. So, finally, Paramount took action, and certain changes were made. So, in order for Norton to appear in 1999’s Fight Club, he signed this new deal where he was to do only one more movie with the studio after filming on Fight Club ended.  Things eventually change and Norton had yet to agree on a film in which to appear. He was offered The Italian Job, which he denied. So, ultimately, the studio sent him a letter. He was also threatened with a lawsuit. As a result of which he was compelled to do the movie, but he stayed away from the promotions.

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