Is Bran Stark responsible for Everything that Happened with the Mad King and White Walkers?

The latest episode of Game of Thrones brought tears to the fans as another ‘good’ character was finished off by the show-makers. The only saving grace was that the fans were left amazed by what happened to ‘Hodor’ and why he keeps on saying that. It was a suitable explanation and secretly it has put the show on a new path altogether. We all know the show is mystical and is about dragons and fire and “White Walkers”, but one thing no fan ever contemplated was TIME-TRAVEL (not precisely, but close enough). The latest episode hinted that Bran Stark can actually change events in the past.

“NO SPOILERS” here, please! Watch the episode, if you haven’t. Well, let us just end it at this that, Bran Stark is responsible for whatever happened to Hodor. Now, watch the episode, if you haven’t!

This points us into a new direction altogether. Now, that Bran can Warg into anyone in the past, tells us that he is very powerful and can actually have an impact on the events in the past.

There were many instances which point towards this. First of all, Bran can not only Warg into animals and birds, but into humans as well (as he did with Hodor). Second, at the Tower of Joy, Ned Stark could actually hear Bran. At that time, the three-eyed raven ignored this fact and told Bran that the past is written in dry ink and it cannot be changed. This could be because he knew Bran was still young and not ready to understand his powers. Thirdly, the latest episode where he wargs into Hodor, seals it all! (No Spoilers, again).

Now, just imagine what if, Bran is responsible for what happened to the Mad King? What if it was Bran who drove Mad King, “mad” as he could hear Bran, but not see him! Mad King always uttered the phrase, “Burn them all”. It could be that Bran wanted to warn him about the White Walkers, but the Mad King couldn’t understand and instead had Bran’s grandfather burnt alive. This lead to a series of events, Robert’s rebellion, Ned Stark’s beheading and we know the rest! What if Bran Stark is responsible for all of this?

There are several instances of ‘Bran’ as a name in the entire Stark family line (in the books). It is believed that ‘Bran the Builder’ built the Giant Wall in the North to protect the lands from White Walkers. So, it is possible that Bran could warg into different people from the past and try and change the outcomes and save his family and all of the mankind.

But, as the three-eyed raven said, the past is written in dry ink and cannot be changed and the general rule we have observed in many time-travel shows like The Flash and Doctor Who, that one should not mess with the timeline as it always will find its way of reaching the necessary logical outcome and sometimes in a way we never thought. So, the crippled and fan favorite Bran Stark can be the one behind all of this? He tried correcting the past, and in the end, he only ended up missing it. If this comes out to be true, is Bran still your favorite? A lot to think on and digest….

Aditya Goel

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