Zack Snyder Reveals Photo That Made Henry Cavill DCEU’s Superman

Zack Snyder, the visionary that started the DC Extended Universe, has always been at the forefront of everything related to DC Films, even when he is not a part of it anymore. His journey as DCEU’s main man began with Man of Steel in 2013. Superman’s Origin Story arc was the perfect choice for starting the DCEU. Some claim Man of Steel is perhaps the greatest Superhero origin story in the history of superhero fiction. The Visuals, the action scenes, the dark and realistic tones and the fact that Henry Cavill played Superman were the reasons Man of Steel is held in such high regard.

Henry Cavill is perfect for playing Superman. But it was Zack who found this young talent and the potential he had. Last Day was Cavill’s birthday and Snyder has revealed something really incredible. Zack Snyder reveals photo that made Henry Cavill DCEU’s Superman!!!


Zack Snyder celebrated Henry Cavill’s birthday by revealing to the masses a personal in his possessions that helped Cavill land the role of Superman/Clark Kent in Warner Bros. 2013 Man of Steel movie. Cavill had appeared in previous blockbusters before being cast as the Last Son of Krypton in the big screens. He played major roles in Stardust and Immortals and appeared in a pivotal role in the TV Series The Tudors. Though none of them helped Cavill make their mark in Hollywood the way Man of Steel did in 2013. After Bryan Singer’s disastrous take on Superman in 2008’s Superman Returns starring Brandon Routh, Man of Steel was supposed to be a course correction measure. It ended up doing that and much more.

Man of Steel was supposed to fill the 1978 classic version of Superman. Christopher Reeves, who played Superman in that project, has become a household name and a cultural phenomenon. Richard Donner’s masterpiece is hard to beat. But it is Zack Snyder we are talking about. He never gives up without a fight. He decided that to convince the studio that Superman’s legacy could be taken forward without tarnishing Reeves’ image as the Kryptonian, he made Cavill wear the classic 1978 Superman suit and the photo was taken at an angle to pay homage to Christopher Reeves. The studio saw what Snyder meant. Cavill is perfect to play Superman. Man of Steel soon followed in 2013.

Zack Snyder took to his favorite social media platform of choice – Vero, and revealed this breathtaking photo. Keep in mind that Henry Cavill, the present Superman of the DC Cinematic Universe, is wearing the costume of Christopher Reeves, the Superman from the classic 1978 era.

zack snyder henry cavill superman

Zack Snyder had to pull some strings to get the costume from Warner Bros. Costume archives. The angle, the tone and the pose of the picture screams a modern age Reeves at the top of its lungs. The photo was shared by Snyder on his Vero account as the Caption read – “Happy birthday my brother”. Here, take a look at the picture:

The DCEU has had its ups and downs recently. With the underwhelming performance of Justice League at the Box Office, the future of the DCEU is in dire straits. Several proposed projects have been shelved as the Studio has rightfully decided to focus on Standalones for now. Aquaman, Wonder Woman 2, Cyborg, Green lantern Corps, Flashpoint and the Batman movie are some of the projects DC has in the works. A Man of Steel 2 project is too soon to confirm but the rumors do sound promising. If the sequel to the movie that started the DCEU franchise ever happens, we would love to see Cavill don this classic costume again and go save the planet from yet another world ending threat.

Henry Cavill first appeared as Superman in 2013’s Man of Steel. The official film synopsis reads:


With the imminent destruction of Krypton, their home planet, Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and his wife seek to preserve their race by sending their infant son to Earth. The child’s spacecraft lands at the farm of Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha (Diane Lane) Kent, who name him Clark and raise him as their own son. Though his extraordinary abilities have led to the adult Clark (Henry Cavill) living on the fringe of society, he finds he must become a hero to save those he loves from a dire threat.

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