10 Things That Made Thor Ragnarok Outclass All Other MCU Movies

Thor Ragnarok turned out to be a majestic triumph for Marvel Studios. It surely was one of the best if not the best entries in the MCU. The first and the second Thor movie were nothing in front of this one. It was the boldest movie Marvel has attempted and it turned out to be a ‘thundering’ adventure for everyone. Here are the reasons why we loved the movie and why it managed to outclassed all other MCU Movies.


Well, this was surely expected, right? We loved Valkyrie and how she was brought into the MCU. She had all her great moments and was a unique entry to this Universe. Her role throughout the film sees her try to get redemption for her failure, and it is genuinely a really great and interesting arc that runs alongside Thor. All in all, we loved Valkyrie and she surely has a bright future in the MCU.

Doctor Strange

The movie managed to do justice to almost each and every character it portrayed and one of those was Doctor Strange. Even though his story arc was small, but it was really essential for him to be in this story as he is what lead to the entire story unfold. He also provided so many funny moments while he was on the screen. It was great fun to have him in the movie.

Loki’s Reaction to Hulk

Loki played a remarkable role in the movie and out of all the amazing things he did in the movie, his reaction to seeing the Hulk again just blew us all. The scene was incredibly funny as he remembered all the ass kicking he got from the Green Goliath. And to make it even better, it was even funnier to see him react when Thor gets the same kinda pounding from the Green Rage Monster.

The Grandmaster

Jeff Goldblum just nailed his role and took it to a whole new level. He stole away every scene he was in and we absolutely loved it. He got the ‘go’ to improvise around the arc he was supposed to perform, and he knocked it out of the park all the way. We could surely use some more Grandmaster in the future of MCU.

The Odinforce

Even though Odin died quite early in the movie, he was still the guiding factor in Thor’s entire journey. It was Odin who taught him the true meaning of being The God of Thunder. After Thor lost his hammer, Odin provided the motivation he needed and rightly so, he taught Thor that the powers are actually inside him, the Hammer just focussed them.

The Strongest Avengers

Hulk and Thor’s team up was one of the main highlights of the movie and we surely loved the way these two bonded with each other. Thor actually handled things with both Hulk and Banner in an amazing way and it was a lot of fun to see him dealing with the Split personalities of Hulk/Banner.


To be exact, Asgard’s destruction was actually great and there is a very good reason to it. The prophecy of Ragnarok was meant to come true and this was very well explained in the movie. Very rightly said by Odin that Asgard is not a place, it is a people. Where ever the people will go and be together, that place will be home, it will be Asgard. This destruction was actually necessary as well so that the future has something very unique and unpredictable in store for us.


Hela the Goddess of Death was one of the best villains of the MCU. Cate Blanchett was totally spot on. She had a wonderful villainous charm in her and she was a total treat to watch. Being the first female big bad in the MCU, Hela absolutely delivers and we hope that she does not die as we need more of her in the coming two Avengers movies.

The new approach

When director Taika Waititi, pitched the movie to Kevin Feige and others, he did it with the Led Zeppelin song and his who approach on the story was very new and innovative, which the studios gave a thumbs up then and there. And that approach went forward, along with the song which made the trailers and the final cut as well. Everything that was done was totally amazing and we got to see Thor in a way we had never seen before. With all the humor, twists and darkness in the movie, it was totally distinguished from the previous Thor movies and all other MCU movies.

Taika Waititi

Thor Ragnarok

Director Taika Waititi is an absolute genius! What he did this movie was totally remarkable. He changed the entire landscape of Thor and the way he handled things, taking jabs at everything in the past and giving everyone the permission to do their own thing and improvise is what exactly worked for this movie. His whole vision and approach to the movie were fantastic and all the little funny moments that he gave us were truly loved. Also, he put his own amazing character in there, Korg and the way he was voiced and portrayed by Taika was tremendous. We would surely love to see him return for a movie in the future.

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