Manu Bennett Has Found His Successor To Play Deathstroke

In a recent development, Warner Bros. has announced that the True blood fame Joe Manganiello has been cast as Deathstroke for the Untitled Batman Solo project. Since Ben Affleck posted the Deathstroke test footage, there has been an upsurge of unrestrained frenzy among the DC fans. The Batman film which is under pre-production stage has already been reported to be written by DC’s chief creative officer Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck is all set to helm the project as the director.

According to The wall street journal, the test footage actually featured Manganiello as the seasoned terminator in the costume.Geoff johns confirmed this development in a recent interview with the outlet.


Here’s the test footage which Affleck posted previously.

Talking about the comic book history,the character was introduced for the first  time in The New Teen Titans (Vol. 1)#2. Originally created as an arch nemesis to the teen titans,the character development by different writers has made him an adversary to several superheroes at different instances.While being incorporated into the batman mythology as his perfect rival,he is portrayed as a hate monger in the Green arrow universe.The character’s popularity could be judged by the fact that he was rated as the 24th greatest villain of all time by the Wizard Magazine. Moreover, Deathstroke has also been ranked as IGN’s 32nd greatest comic book villain of all time.


While Manu Bannett is know for his ground breaking performance in the TV series as the ruthless mercenary,it would be a challenging task for Manganiello to fill in his shoes. Even though Manu is popular for his portrayal of Deathstroke,the fanbase was miffed with certain aspects of the character. The most looked down point was his drive for killing being triggered by the death of his love interest wherein Mira kuru (a chemical compound) acted as the catalyst. Adding up to the disappointment was the substandard costume as an outcome of budget constraint.There is no doubt that the character’s costume for the batman movie would be appealing as it is evident in the test  footage.With all the sustained efforts by the DC creative team,it is necessary for the camp to develop this character in a way that it does not resemble its TV counterpart,known for his vicious gameplay with emotional undertones.

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