5 Times Sunny Leone Shocked The Nation

The Bollywood star, Sunny leone became the fitting image of a woman’s dignity after her interview with a male journalist, Bhupendra Chaubey. She sat through the whole meeting where she was asked some information about her being a porn on-screen character previously. Be that as it may, she is a serious lady. With her appeal, mind, and genuineness, Sunny crushed the jerk Indian culture on the loose. This woman is breaking the shackles of the patriarchal society by grasping her womanhood, to such an extent that individuals from the Parliament consider her to be a danger to the general public.

Here’s a Tribute to the Lady!

Here are 5 instances where Sunny Leone shocked the nation and showed what dignity is all about.

1. I’m waiting for Obama to put me in his speech


When Sunny was asked about her opinion on one of the members of parliament referring her as a threat to Indian culture to which she replied, “He thinks about me so much in a day that he put me in his speeches. I am waiting for Obama to put me in his speech.”

2. When asked If Aamir Khan Refuses To Work With Her.

sunny leone

When she was asked what if Aamir Khan refuses to work with her, she replied “I don’t know if he wants to work with me or not. You have to ask.”

3. When asked would she ‘do what she did’.

“110%. Whatever I have done with my life has led me to ‘this’ seat.” replied Sunny Leone when asked if she would ‘do what she did’ if she was given a chance to go back in her past.

4. Stealing other women’s husbands.


When she was told that married women are insecure of her as they fear she’s going to take away their husbands, she replied, “Sorry ladies, I don’t want your husband. I have a husband and he is hot, sexy and talented.”

5. Hatred and curiosity?

When told, “you are extremely hated and you are the reason of most people’s curiosity.” Sunny replied, “If you have a reason to hate me because of your views in life, then that’s your prerogative.”

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