Top 5 most Intense Moments from House Of Cards Season 4


House Of Cards Season 4 was arguably the best season yet. It received excellent reviews from both audiences and critics alike (*cough* BVS *cough*). Part of House of Card’s secret to success is the consistency with which it delivers its content. There are absolutely no fillers and the writing is precise. This only amplified with the latest season, with each episode delivering more intensity than the previous. Let’s have a look at the Top 5 moments.


The Opening Sequence

Season 4 of House of Cards opens with an intense and weird setting. Lucas Goodwin is seen in a prison cell reciting erotica to his cellmate who is masturbating in the lower bunk. On a deep note, it might seem like a commentary on the show’s plot or Lucas’s life, however, considering how Lucas’s arc progresses, it seems quite unnecessary and out of place. Regardless, It does its job perfectly in getting the viewers back in HOC mode and setting a tone for the intensity that was going to follow in the next episodes.


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