8 Spring Break Mistakes

[tps_header]Spring break is a U.S. phenomenon and an academic tradition which started in the United States and is observed in some other western countries. Spring break it is also known by names such as Easter vacation, Easter Holiday, March break, spring vacation, Mid-Term Break, study week, reading week, reading period, or Easter week, depending on regional conventions. However, these vacations differ from Spring Break in the United States, both in intent and intensity.

Students takes this time to kick back and relax from the rigors of college life. This usually involves partying, sunshine, and sex. Sometimes though, things get a little out of hand, as these examples so accurately portray.[/tps_header]

Bikinis Aren’t For Everyone!


I know, I know, its all about the sun, sand and surf, but no matter how drunk you get, this is just wrong!

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Rocco Marinelli

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