JUSTICE LEAGUE Concept Art Revealed!!!

The CW’s DC Films special definitely delivered, bringing with it some incredible concept art from Justice League. All of the team members are highlighted in these videos, and you can get a new look at everyone from Aquaman to The Flash, and the entire team assembled, right here!


Last night, The CW aired the awkwardly titled DC Films Presents: The Dawn of the Justice League, which existed for one reason and one reason only: to get you and everyone else excited about Warner Bros.’ new superhero universe.

And did it work? Well, we got that wild and lively Suicide Squad trailer, our first glimpse at footage from the still-filming Wonder Woman, and a whole bunch of co-host Kevin Smith mugging for the camera, so you be the judge. Overall, we’d say whole presentation left a positive taste in the mouth, which is more than we can say for most of the recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailers.

The special also teased superheroes who will be introduced further down the line, offering a fresh glimpse at Aquaman,Cyborg and the Flash via some new new Justice League concept art.

First up is the snippet dealing with Arthur Curry, aka, Aquaman, the son of a lighthouse keeper and the Queen of Atlantis who protects the oceans and harnesses their powers for the good of the world. He’s probably the toughest sell of theJustice League line-up since he’s been treated as a big joke by so many people for so long. It’s weird how everyone decided that being able to live underwater and command sea creatures was a lame power.

Anyway, this Aquaman looks hugely different from most of his comic book counterparts and the new art embraces actor Jason Momoa’s, tough, grizzled-but-handsome style. The character is expected to have a brief cameo in Batman v Superman before playing a larger role in Justice League before getting his own solo movie, so we’ll be seeing a lot him.


Next up is Victor Stone, aka, Cyborg, a character who isn’t as well-known as other members of the Justice League but also doesn’t carry their pop culture baggage. His origin story appears to be mostly unchanged from his comic book counterpart – he’s a high school athlete who is mutilated in a tragic accident and rescued from the brink of death by his scientist father, who makes him into a you-know-what.

Cyborg is traditionally a member of the Teen Titans in the DC comic book world and a relative newcomer to the Justice League line-up. He adds a nice splash of diversity and youth to the team and as the clip below points out, his constant connection to the digital world and his struggle to maintain his humanity make him extremely relevant in 2016. He’ll be played by newcomer and stage actor Ray Fisher.


And finally, we arrive at Barry Allen, aka, the Flash, the character who is undoubtedly going to prove the most controversial to many superhero fans. After all, the character already has his own successful and acclaimed show on The CW, but as the clip below is quick to point out, the big screen version has no connection to the TV series whatsoever. For people who have already embraced Grant Gustin as Barry, Ezra Miller‘s take may be an instant tough sell.

Outside of the concept art that uses Miller’s likeness, this scarlet speedster appears mostly identical to his small screen counterpart. He’s a forensic investigator who is struck by lightning and gains extraordinary abilities, like being able to run fast enough to move over water, vibrate through walls, tap into other dimensions and so on. Like Aquaman, rumours suggest that he’ll pop up in Batman v Superman in a tiny appearance before getting to strut his stuff in other movies.


All three of these new heroes will play a role in Justice League, which is directed by Zack Snyder and is set to arrive on November 17, 2017. The Flash will be directed by Seth Grahame-Smith and will open on March 23, 2018. Aquamanwill be directed by James Wan and is set for July 27, 2018. And poor Cyborg will have to wait all the way until April 3, 2020 for his solo adventure.

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