Will The X-Men Be A Part of MCU Phase 4?

Superhero movies are what defines cinema now. With Ragnarok raging on and the Warner Bros. juggernaut Justice League line, the games afoot for a cinematic equivalent of a space race. The competition is tough. Hence, Disney is in talks with 20th Century Fox to even the playing field and give them an added advantage over their age-old WB rivals. The Foxverse and Disney’s MCU merger is still a long way to go considering the fact that the talks have reportedly fallen through. But there is still a possibility for a renegotiation.

If it happesn, MCU will be altered in a major way. Marvel Studios were careful enough to work their way from Ironman to their most awaited cornerstone arc in the form of Avengers: Infinity War. When the Mad Titan is dealt with after the untitled Avengers 4 arc, fans rightfully wonder what direction the MCU will take next.

Is MCU going to hit a new phase?

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are actually mutants but the MCU had to retrace their origins so as to not infringe on Fox property rights. While Fox is adamant on harvesting the Mutant franchise on it’s own, a huge fanbase has amassed itself demanding a broader universe where the X-Men and the Avengers co-exist. Even the legendary Stan Lee is aprt of the fanbase and effectivly leads the pack.

In 2012, Marvel offered a joint universe for MCU and Foxverse. A movie similar to Civil War could be another cornerstone just like Infinity War is now. A series of movies featuring the Avengers and the mutant superheroes could effectively lead to a movie with a setting similar to the Avengers vs. the X-Men story arc. With Charles Xavier on one side and Steve Rogers on the other, the movie could have been a pretty awesome blockbuster. GotG is set to introduce a bigger “cosmic” universe into the MCU. But if no steps are taken, the Avengers will soon fizzle out of the theaters with uninteresting characters and generic, monotonous story lines.

20th Century Fox to give up on the X-Men Franchise?

Hard to say. The fact that there have been talks about a possible shared universe speaks volumes. Kevin Fiege isn’t uttering a single word to confirm the rumors. All things lead to Phase 3 of the MCU, if a deal is made then that will be the time an official announcement makes or breaks the fan hype.

The story arcs for a shared universe will also be a highroller. There have been rumors rife with news of a possible (and might I say unwelcome) recasting of Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine. With a possible X-23 spinoff, the news doesn’t seem to hold much water but it still rings an alarm. The Deadpool cast of Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin are near perfect and are mostly a keeper. If a Disney-Fix deal does happen, the best possible course of action would be keeping the better parts while making the useless ones walk the plank. No point in sailing into a storm with a sinking ship.

Are the rumors true or are they just yanking our chain?

Will the Marvel Monster have too much to chew? Of course it will. To err is human and the producers and directors at the world’s most profitable franchise aren’t Superman. Too much on ones plate was what gave us Thor: The Dark World. I think it is safe to say the movie kinda sucked. With the MCU-Foxverse merger, Marvel will come dangerously close to hitting rock bottom.

Fox is having a hard time letting go of their Franchise. The Fantastic Four reboot was an epic disaster. But it may push Fox in the right direction. Deadpool is surely a cow that can be milked more. The X-Men have most certainly lost their charm. After the failure that was X-Men: Apocalypse, it doesn’t make sense for Fox to keep holding a bag of thorns anymore. They are only hurting themselves.

The MCU rebooted Spiderman from Fox into the blockbuster Spiderman: Homecoming and look what a beautiful reception it got.  The merger may still be a distant dream but it’s not entirely impossible. If Sony could do it, what’s to stop them.


It’s about time Fox lets go of the X-Men franchise while they are ahead and let the big guns at Disney handle it. An X-Men –Avengers crossover does sound interesting indeed. The talks may have stalled but it does prick one’s fantasy to see The Wolverine trading blows with Ironman for a change. We sure hope one day the X-Men will return home to their makers – ‘X’ marks the spot gentlemen.

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