Flash Season 2: Will Prof. Wells use Turtle Powers to Save Jesse?

Flash Season 2 finally resumed at CW network after a mid-season break, and it’s already off to a great start. A new meta-human is in Central city who can rob banks, steal paintings at will as no one can possibly catch him. He possesses a special ability to slow down time around him, so when Flash attempts to stop him, his speed gets frozen while Turtle is already gone. Now will Wells use Turtle Powers so Save Jesse?

As usual, the show-makers resorted to ending the episode on a cliff-hanger featuring Reverse Flash and Prof. Wells. Following are the best moments from the episode titled “Potential Energy”:

Meet the Turtle

Flash goes head-to-head with Turtle, he is supposedly the fastest man alive while Turtle creates an aura around himself which prevents anything to even come close to him. In the end, Flash beat him with everything he got as he kidnapped the love of his life Patty Spivot.


Wells injects Turtle at a meta-human prison

When Turtle was defeated by Flash, he locked him at a meta-human facility in the Star Labs basement. Prof. Wells realized that he could use powers of Turtle to get to Jesse and save her from Zoom.


Joe-Wally trying to work their shit

Joe West was in a state of shock when he found out that he has a son that he never knew existed. Wally West failed to show up at a family dinner, instead he is driving fast cars on roads and betting with hustlers. Finally, Joe and Wally sat and ate together.


Patty may be leaving Central city

She is having a difficult time in her life, her relationship with Barry is rocky, then she got kidnapped by Turtle, she is contemplating moving on and enrolling herself to a good school.


Jay Garrick is ill

Caitlin found out about Jay’s illness, he told her that the only cure is if he could get his speed back, which is possible only when they defeat Zoom.

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