Arrow Season 4: Why is Malcolm Merlyn Scared of Damien Darhk?

There is one striking thing that we have observed in the current season of the show, it is the skepticism and apprehensions of Malcolm Merlyn or Ra’s Al Gul to launch an all-out assault against Damien Darhk and help Team Arrow to combat rising threat of H.I.V.E looming large on Star city. In my opinion, he is the “little-finger of Arrow”, the most manipulative and treacherous guy, someone who plays all sides at once. Here are the possible reasons on why he is reluctant to go after Darhk in a big way:

He doesn’t want League of Assassins to be directly pitted against H.I.V.E:

Despite enormous resources at his command, he doesn’t want League to come under the radar of H.I.V.E, as it’s a deadly terrorist organization as opposed to rag-tag bunch of uniform wearing cabal.

He knows about Damien Darhk’s past with the League:

He knows that Darhk was the member of League of Assassins, an Heir to the Demon and a former friend turned foe of the League. Once upon a time, Damien Darhk and another person were horsemen to Ra’s Al Ghul, he wanted to take the mantle as he believed he is worthy, while the other one was chosen. He outmaneuvered Ra’s, took waters of Lazarus pit with himself and commands a loyal and trained “hive of followers” around the world.

He does’nt want to risk his daughter’s life:

He may be called a murderer and a traitor, but if there is one redeeming quality of Malcom is that he is a doting father. He deeply cares about Thea and does’nt want her to be in the direct line of fire of Damien Darhk’s wrath.

He does’nt stand to personally gain anything:

He feels that if he invest League’s resources to help Oliver win this battle against Damien Darhk, he does’nt really stand to gain anything, instead he would make a permanent enemy.

He is actually scared of Damien Darhk:

Maybe after few encounters, he thinks that he can’t defeat him, so he is just being protective of Thea and plays a sidekick to Team arrow.


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