An Avengers Infinity War Actor Has Been Cast As Cable For Deadpool 2

The search for Cable has been a long and strenuous one, with months of fan speculation for possible actors to take on the role of Deadpool’s partner. Everyone from Pierce Brosnan to Brad Pitt and Micheal Shannon had made news in the race for the coveted role of Cable. The success of the first Deadpool movie had warranted a massive focus on the sequel, so any role was a high profile one.Last month Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers of Deadpool 2 promised an announcement was going to be made about Cable and it would be amazing and they weren’t mincing their words.

The Hollywood Reporter got an exclusive scoop, being the the media outlet to announce that Josh Brolin would be taking on the role of Cable for Deadpool 2.

Brolin has already made a name for himself in movies such as Milk, Soldado and of course Thanos in Marvel Cinematic Universe. The casting of Brolin is quiet the surprise but one that will please many fans. Brolin has proven himself to be adept in the comicbook world of superheroes and his straight man personality might just be the blank wall for Deadpool’s zany sense of humour.

In the comics, Cable is the son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers. He hails from a future timeline and has the ability to time travel. This is how he meets Deadpool and in the process team up with the hero.

Cable is also responsible for putting together The X-Force who are a more militant, more R-rated version of the X-Men. The inclusion of Cable has led fans to speculate what the direction of the sequel will be.

Since Brolin is now busy filming Infinity War, he could be the reason that the production of Deadpool 2 was delayed. Brolin will hopefully have to make time for the anticipated sequel as Deadpool’s zeitgeist in popular culture is only starting and the sequel needs to retain that popularity.

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