6 Murder Mystery Movies That Fooled Us All

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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

A mysterious disappearance forty years ago, a list of names no one can decipher, political intrigue, and a series of murder spanning nearly twenty years; has everything in it to enter the list.

The movie is filled with evil twists and turns, and just when it seems everything is under control, the story takes you for a spin. It’s gritty, raw, fast and very nicely narrated. The interest starts with Harriet who is considered to be murdered forty years back.

A journalist, Mikhael Blomkvist is given the responsibility to find the murderer. What we see at the end is Harriet to be alive and leaving with the name of Anita for the past forty years.


This Christopher Nolan cult revolves around the story of Leonard Shelby who is suffering from anterograde amnesia. Shelby is on a vengeful path to discover the second man responsible for his wife’s rape and murder.

Like pieces of a puzzle, the movie is shot in two sequences. One is in black and white color filter and shows the order of events chronologically. While the other shot in color and shows the events occurring in reverse. Nolan confuses us and keeps us guessing. With unusual plot points and turns, and especially the ending makes it one of the finest of all time.

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