6 Murder Mystery Movies That Fooled Us All

Strangers On A Train

This adaptation of a novel, directed by Hitchcock is about “exchanging murders“. A stranger approaches another passenger in the train, offering an exchange of murders. The stranger knows everything about the passenger.

What fooled us was not only the plot’s set-up and conclusion but also in the realization that there is evil lurking beneath ordinary men. In a final climactic scene. We discover that even while dying some men lie.


The story is about a killer who is targeting people who exhibit one of the seven deadly sins from the Bible, over the span of seven days.

This David Fincher movie starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman is the only film that fooled the audience twice. First, the writers never reveal who plays the killer in the film, as they leave him out of the credits.

The Second is the climax scene between Mills and Doe and having the audience wonder what is in the box. We are fooled. This unexpected ending left everyone’s jaws drop.

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