6 Murder Mystery Movies That Fooled Us All

For a long time, Hollywood’s scriptwriter and directors have preferred the murder mystery genre. And every time they succeed. It is always fashionably scintillating to seat on the edge of our seat. We love to be fooled, played and toyed with, keep guessing until the end. And a murder mystery has all the ingredients. Here is a List of 6 murder mystery movies which fooled us with their shocking endings.


Psycho is an ultimate Hitchcock film and hence the ultimate murder mystery movie. What has become a common subject nowadays started as a bone-chilling murder mystery at Bates Motel? The story revolves around a series of murder in a Motel. The audience can only see a womanly figure stabbing and keeps guessing.

This movie is certainly the mother of all murder mysteries (with all the puns intended). At the end when the audience seems to believe that Norman’s mother is the murderer, just then the ultimate twist which is one of the most iconic ones happens. It is revealed that Norman’s mother died years ago and it was Norman who did the crime.


When Murder is the genre, then surely Hitchcock has to be the name. Vertigo was recently considered as the best movie of all time beating out Citizen Kane. Vertigo follows John Scottie Ferguson, a retired detective who is prone to acrophobia and has a growing obsession with Madeline, a woman he was hired to spy on her husband.

As the plot unravels we are served with one surprise after another. Even at the end when Scottie finally gets the courage to reach the top of the bell tower, to overcome his fears. Hitchcock does what he does the best.

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