Flash Season 2: Is Professor Harrison Wells Zoom?

Flash Season 2 seem to be in a constant teasing mode, the last two episodes has featured a cliff hanger in the end with Prof. Harrison Wells appearing for few seconds and credits starts rolling in. In the latest episode, Professor Wells is seen inside a portal which allows travelling through parallel worlds. From the first season, we know Eobard Thawne is dead as his ancestor Eddie Thawne (Iris’s boyfriend) killed himself. Is Professor Harrison Wells Zoom on Earth-2 who will be thrown into Earth-1? I guess, we will know it in the future episodes. Here are the 5 most intriguing moments from the episode:


Team Flash discovers a way to connect Earth-1 and Earth-2:



In the last episode, they found out that the most significant breach as a result of Singularity is in Star Labs itself. Jay Garrick managed to stabilize speed canon and made it possible to send anything across time and space continuum without it coming back.



Joe West tells Iris about her mother:



Joe West had buried a secret in his heart for a long time that Iris’s mother was a drug addict and abandoned her during her childhood. He told her that she is alive, right now in Central city and wants to meet her.


Sowed the seeds of Legends of Tomorrow storyline:



The episode focused on Captain Cold, his sister Golden Glider and their father Lewis Snart. The father is a well-known criminal who placed a bomb on his daughter, forced Captain Cold to do a job for him. Finally, Team Flash rescued her and Captain Cold killed him. This episode helped humanize his character and proved that he is not totally evil, positioning him as a hero.


Barry Allen-Patty Spivot, Caitlin-Jay & Cisco-Golden Glider are a couple:



The three most happening couples in Flash season 2 are Barry and Patty; Cisco and Lisa Snart and Caitlin-Jay Garrick. It was hilarious to see Caitlin literally doing everything she can to stop Jay from going to his home.


Flash catches a Bullet:



When Barry posed as a tech guy, he went with Lewis Snart to help him rob diamonds. But he fired at him, Barry pulled off a matrix scene and catches the bullet before it could reach to him.


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