10 Most Amazing Blink and Miss Cameos of Your Favorite Stars

Cameos have been popular to do a thing in Hollywood for quite some time now. Following the trend of Stan Lee, many of your favorite stars have also done a blink and miss cameo in some of your favorite movies. Here we take a look at the stars who did a brief stint:

Austin Powers is one movie which had tons of stars who did a cameo in the various scene. But there was a potential cameo done by Tom Cruise playing the goofy shagadelic spy, where Tom is seen wearing Austin Powers look, with a frilly white shirt, geeky glasses and all.


Ted is one movie which was funny with a statement. However, there was this particular scene where we saw Ryan Reynolds do a brief cameo as John’s work colleague Guy’s boyfriend. Though Ryan did not have any dialogues for the scene but he sure made his presence felt.


Yet again, we see Tom Cruise in a blink and miss role in the movie Tropic Thunder with his unrecognizable look of bald, overweight and the greasy looking guy who goes by the name of Les Grossman a movie producer.


If you, not the types to like a zombie movie, then you wouldn’t know that Bill Murray had a cameo in the movie Zombieland where he is seen in an abandoned mansion where he is discovered by a team of survivors.


I’m sure you would have noticed this in plain site, where we saw Michael Jackson do some great cameo in Men in Black II. Well, it’s said that MJ loved MIB so much that he called Will Smith and asked him to make him a part of the movie if there was ever a sequel of MIB. Apparently, in his role as an alien MJ never used any makeup, so what you see is his true self.


And then there is Chuck Norris in the movie Dodgeball, where he is seen playing the role of a judge who gives a thumbs up to Joe in the final round of the game.


We all know this, but we have to mention. Mike Tyson made a strong presence in his cameo in the movie Hangover.


The one crazy movie that had some major fan following was – You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. In this movie, Mariah Carey did a brief cameo, where Zohan stumbles into Mariah’s dressing room.


Another singer who did cameo was Eminem in the movie Funny People, where you see Eminem as Adam Sandler’s BFF in the movie giving him advice.


This would be my personal favorite when it comes to Dr. Dolittle 2. You can clearly see Steve Irwin play as himself, where he is rescuing an alligator.


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