Five Famous Queens


[tps_header]From ancient past, several great dynasties have come up to rule over different parts of the world. These dynasties have given various rulers, some great some insignificant, for the world to talk about. Some of these rulers were so famous that the world talked about them for centuries after them. Among these famous rulers, though mostly were kings, there were also some queens, whether great rulers or not but surely famous.  These queens showed the world that women too have acumen to head a state.

Five famous queens are:[/tps_header]

[tps_title]RAZIA SULTAN[/tps_title]

Razia succeeded her father Iltutmish to the sultanate of Delhi in 1236. She was appointed the heir – apparent to the throne by his father, but the Muslim nobility appointed her brother as the sultan after Iltutmish`s death. Razia became the sultan of Delhi after her brother was assassinated after six months. She was trained to lead armies and administer kingdoms from childhood, and was an efficient ruler. She also managed to keep the opposing nobles, who were wary of a woman ruler, in check.

However, she could not keep the Turkish nobility in check for long and was defeated in battle against her brother. Both she and her husband died after fleeing from Delhi after being defeated.

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