3 Fantastic Sub-Plots Introduced in Gotham Season 2 Episode 5

Gotham TV show-makers seem sincere to provide popcorn entertainment to DC fans, after the debacle of debut season. Gotham Season 2 episode 5 is titled “Scarification” and it lived up to its expectations. The show has changed the gear and have introduced various sub-plots making it exciting for the viewer particularly comicbook nerds. Here is a list of 3 major sub-plots introduced in the Gotham Season 2 episode 5 that has taken the show into interesting directions:

Theo Galavant vs Penguin:

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In the last episode, we learnt that Theo Galavant had kidnapped the mother of Penguin, he wants Penguin’s assistance to carry out his evil designs. Penguin is infuriated, his troubles are further compounded by losses incurred by him as a result of aggressive raids done by GCPD Strike force under the leadership of Detective Gordon. Penguin finally figured out a way to deal with Theo Galavant, he sent Butch (his right hand man) to enter into his organization as his informant and find out the whereabouts of his mother.
Ancient Feud exist between Waynes and Galavants:

Theo Galavant handed another job to Penguin, this time he was required to burn places to the ground. He hired a family consists of professional arsonists to carry out the job, they lit up the marked locations and recovered an ancient knife from Bunderslaw’s apartment (Director, Operations at Wayne Enterprises). When Penguin saw the knife, he knew there is a mystery he need to uncover, so he summoned a lady who is an expert in ancient arte-facts, she revealed how Wayne family (one of the 5 noble families who ruled Gotham 200 yrs ago) banished a noble family and destroyed their remnants. As a result, they renamed themselves as “Galavants”, Penguin realized that Theo Galavant is in Gotham to settle ancient blood feud with the Waynes.
Theo Galavant asks for Jim Gordon’s endorsement and gets it:

Theo Galavant is running for Mayor’s office to gain access and control over the city’s affairs. He visits GCPD and asks for Jim Gordon personal endorsement to his campaign, as he is the President of Police union. He gets it in the end in return of allowing GCPD to use all methods necessary to combat increased crime in the city.



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