11 of the Most Extreme Places on Earth

Humans have explored harsh and tough environments and even are living in those conditions. Here is the list of most extreme places on the Earth for the people who are spellbound with the extremes conditions

1) Coldest place on Earth:


Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctic is the coldest place on earth, with temperature recorded to be −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F). This station is at “Southern Pole of Cold.” It is a Russian station, where ice core drilling and magnetometry research are included.

This station was established on 16 December 1957. The research station contains 25 scientists and engineers in the summer, but in winter the number drops. There is Lake Vostok around Vostok, which is one of the world’s largest lakes. The lake is obscured beneath 4km of glacial ice.

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2) Coldest inhabited place on Earth:



With 500 inhabitants Oymyakon in Russia is marked as the coldest place to live on Earth. The lowest temperature recorded was -67.70C (-900F). It has received the title of “Northern Pole of Cold”. Because of the city’s position in the northern area, the daylight varies from 3 hours in December to 21 hours in June.

The average temperature remains -500C. The area lacks vegetation as nothing grows in the field, therefore inhabitants depends on reindeer meat and horsemeat. There is only one shop for basic necessities. To keep themselves warm, people burn coal and wood. There are tour companies that offer you to visit the coldest and one of the remote areas on earth.

Experience the irresistible Arctic chill!!!

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3) Hottest place on Earth:


More than 3.3 million acres with spectacular desert scenery, rare wildlife, and undisturbed wilderness Death Valley is a desert valley that is considered to be the hottest place on earth with recorded temperature of 56.7°C (134°F).

The Death Valley national park is a tourist attraction. You can experience large mountain ranges, salt dunes, extinct volcanoes, and plenty of flora and fauna. Make sure you have plenty of water with you. You will also find the mysterious sailing stone.

Not for faint hearts!!!

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4) Hottest inhabited place on Earth:


Dallol in Northern Ethiopia of Danakil Depression is the hottest inhabited place on Earth with an average annual temperature of 35°C (96°F). You can visit Dallol in November to March when the temperature is little cool as compared to the summer temperature.

You will experience salt-encrusted colorful lakes, hot springs and iron oxide crust and geysers. It is a remote mining area which is accessible by camel. It is known as “the Gateway to Hell” by locals, as there are no roads and the route is extremely difficult.

Ride the camel caravan to the ghost town!!!

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5) The driest place on Earth:


The place on earth that is comparable to Mars, Atacama Desert also happens to be the driest place on Earth. It is clubbed between the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountain. It occupies 105,000 square kilometers and is surrounded by 4 countries (Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina).

It receives an average rainfall of 15 millimeters and even in some part, it has never received rain. This place is an attraction not only for travelers but also for scientists, as it is considered to be the base of astronomy. You can also observe astronomical activities because of clear sky, lack of pollution, high altitude and dry air.

Walk down beneath the glory of universe!!!

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6) The highest mountain on Earth:

extremes-on-earthLocated on the border of Nepal and China in Asia, Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth, with 29,035 feet in height. But it is not the highest elevation on Earth. This mountain is sacred for the inhabitants.

In Tibet, it is known as Chomolangm which means ‘Goddess Mother of Snows’ and in Nepal it is known as Sagarmatha, meaning ‘Mother of the Universe’. In 1953, first ascents were Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.

Many climbers have lost their lives in an attempt to climb the mountain. You can also hike to the base camp of Mount Everest, as the expedition to the top of this mountain will be risky.

The toughest expedition!!!

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7) Highest elevation point on Earth:


It’s time to correct your Geographical knowledge. Not many people know but Chimborazo in Ecuador is considered to be the farthest point from Earth’s center. Because of the Earth’s equatorial bulge, the highest elevation point is not Mount Everest; it is Chimborazo volcano which is 20,000 feet in height.

It is an inactive volcano that is known as highest elevation point not in terms of sea level but because of the spheroid shape of the Earth which is thicker around the Equator. It can be climbed throughout the year. The best seasons are December–January and July–August.

Fuel up your adrenaline rush!!!

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8) Lowest place on Earth:



With 1,407 feet below sea level, Dead Sea is regarded as the lowest point on earth. It lies in Jordan Rift Valley. It is one of the saltiest water body, enclosed by Jordan to the east and Israel and Palestine to the west.

The Dead Sea got its name, because of the nonexistence of any life in the sea, as it has the highest concentration of salinity. Only some type of bacteria and algae are able to adapt the saline condition. It is 9.6 times more saline than any other ocean. Around 1.5 million of visitors traveled to the Dead Sea because of buoyancy in water as people floats in water.

It is also referred as “World’s Largest Natural Spa” because of healing properties in it. It’s salt and mineral is used for cosmetics and herbal medication. It is estimated that every year the Dead Sea is sinking by 3 feet.


It is one of a kind place that you would not like to miss!!!

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9) Deepest point on Earth:


Imagine Mount Everest is placed inside the ocean and still there is one mile to go, which is a place where the deepest point on earth is found known as Challenger Deep in Mariana Trench. This much is the depth on Earth. It is located in the western Pacific Ocean, to the east of the Mariana Islands, near to the southeast of Japan. It has a depth of 36, 070 feet. Since 1960, four expeditions have been conducted to Mariana Trench.

Keep diving deep into the thoughts of Mariana trench!!!

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10) Wettest place on Earth:



In Khasi hills of North-eastern India, Mawsynram is considered to be the wettest place on earth. It is located 16 km away from Cherrapunji. It receives the highest rainfall with an average of 11,872 millimeters. From April to September, the region witnesses highest rainfall.

In 1985, as per Guinness book of World Record, Mawsynram hold a world record of 26,000 millimeters. The place is highly enriched with flora and fauna.  The locals have built a living bridge out of roots of rubber trees.

Go and drench yourself to off beaten path in Meghalaya!!!

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11) Flattest place on Earth:




Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, South America is considered to be the flattest place on earth. With 10,582 square kilometers, Salar was created because of drying of the prehistoric lake which left a salty crust behind. The salt crust is 3- 10m thick, that amounts to about 10 billion tons of salt. In months of March and April, when it rains, the salt crust forms a thin film turning the flat surface into a giant mirror that gives the stunning images.

Because of the flat and strong reflection surface, it is used for calibrating satellite. This area is highly rich in lithium. About 70% of the world’s lithium are found and extracted for commercial purpose.

You can live in the hotels made entirely from salt rocks.  You can also see thousands of pink flamingos, giant cacti and a few sly Andean foxes roaming around Salar.

Witness this endless horizon!!!

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