• Newsextremes places

    11 of the Most Extreme Places on Earth

    Humans have explored harsh and tough environments and even are living in those conditions. Here is the list of most extreme places on the Earth for the people who are spellbound with the extremes conditions 1) Coldest place on Earth: Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctic is the coldest place on earth, with temperature recorded to be −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F).…

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  • Fitness10 fittest athletes on planet

    10 of the Fittest Athletes on the Planet

    Many of us want to be healthy. We go to the gym, we try to eat the right foods, get our zzz’s. Some of us actually manage to get in pretty decent shape. Here are 10 athletes that have taken the word “fit” to another level. Men and women that have that elusive combination of genetics, dedication, and drive to…

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