10 DC Characters Confirmed And Sighted In The DCEU

Sure fans want a lot of DC characters to be in the DCEU, but not all can make it. Some whose presence in the DCEU has been confirmed are:


We have already seen that magic exists in the DCEU and we should thank Suicide Squad for that. Well, if a magician has to be added to the Justice League, Zatanna would just be perfect. She’s a natural fighter and a good team player. After appearing in the Justice League, maybe she gets to even form her own team with John Constantine, i.e. Justice League Dark.


Well, this character has already appeared in Batman VS Superman. Remember the guy who was all stoic and took Lois’ accomplice’s camera and found out the transmitter? Yeah, the one who then killed all the natives. He was KGBeast himself. He then also could be seen with Bruce Wayne who then traces his phone and finds the White Portuguese.

Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow

With the fan base that CW shows have created for the DC characters, it would be really stupid to not bring a character like Green Arrow on the big screen. The Flash was really necessary for the Justice League, but Arrow could really be a great addition to the team as well.And in an article where the name of Kord Industries was mentioned, Oliver’s industries were also mentioned.


When we see Batman in his mech-suit just setting up everything he needs to invite Superman and kick his butt on an abandoned port, we see a lot of graffiti on a pillar. The graphite drawings actually give a nod to the presence of Batman’s Iconic villain – The Riddler. We see a question mark with a riddle which shows that the Riddler exists in the DCEU. It sure would be good to see a fight where the Riddler keeps Batman on his toes all the time.

Jimmy Oleson

Jimmy Oleson is Superman’s best friend and a photographer at the Daily Planet. He plays a pivotal part in Superman’s relation with his human side. We all know this right? Apparently, Zack Snyder doesn’t, as the director killed Oleson in just a matter of minutes in Batman VS Superman.

Booster Gold

Booster Gold is easily one of the favorite members of the Justice League. He brings in a lot of humor along with his mighty powers and that is surely what the DCEU needs right now. There were reports that a Booster Gold movie is being set up which is not a part of the DCEU. If that is the case, then WB have completely lost their minds. We also saw a part of the sign of Blaze comics in one of the DCEU films.

Carol Ferris aka Star Sapphire

All those who have read the Green Lantern comics or are familiar with the characters know that his girlfriend, Carol Ferris later turns into Star Sapphire, her body becomes host to an alien Queen’s spirit and she is one of the main Villains oh Jordan. Air Force Officer Carrie Ferris is nothing but an allusion to the character of Carol.

Ted Kord aka Blue Beetle

Die-hard comic-book fans know this that Blue Beetle is one of the B list superheroes of DC Comics. Ted Cord the owner of the Kord Industries is actually the superhero known as the Blue Beetle. The character is somewhat similar to that of Ant-Man’s from Marvel comics and Beetle’s presence has been known through an easter egg that came from Lex Luthor’s interview, which we don’t know why it was there. But at the same time, we are glad that it gave us the names of Oliver Queen as well as Ted Kord.

Green Lantern

Here we don’t know which Green Lantern would appear in the DCEU films but someone for sure will. It could be Hal Jordan or Jon Stewart. Chances are that it could be Kyle Renner to but more dibs are on the former two. Lanterns for sure exist in this universe, this can be said due to Steppenwolf being in the trailer as well as it is confirmed by the DCEU. We sure have great hopes from this character because we don’t want another Ryan Reynolds kind of film.


DC characters

Oh yes, this big baddie will be there in the DCEU. Alfred says one misses the days when one’s biggest concerns were exploding, wind-up penguins” to Bruce in Justice League’s Comic-Con trailer, and not just that Josh Gad to has been teasing that he will be playing the part of the notorious longue owner.

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