10 Things That Should Happen For DC’s Future

Now that we’re done with Wonder Woman 1984 and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it’s time to look at what the future holds for the DC Universe. We’ve got several upcoming movies and HBO Max TV shows. In fact, Warner Bros. has promised that they will try to come up with more DC movies exclusively for HBO Max. Well, it’s obvious that WB is trying to compete with Marvel Studios. So, here’s everything that they should do to possibly make DC’s future as good as Marvel’s:

Black Adam & Suicide Squad

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad looks insanely amazing. But did you know that the Suicide Squad sequel was originally supposed to have Black Adam as its villain? It was back when Gavin O’Connor was going to direct Suicide Squad 2. Well, this idea shouldn’t be dropped. Gunn might have Starro as the villain of The Suicide Squad. But, Suicide Squad 3 should go big by bringing Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam into the mix. And things will be even better if Will Smith’s Deadshot returns.

Ben Affleck’s Batman Series

We’re happy that Matt Reeves is coming up with a great Batman movie. But the initial demand was not for another Batman film outside of the DCEU. The fact that we are getting it is amazing. But what we wanted was Ben Affleck to come up with a Batman movie. He wasn’t able to complete the script initially due to personal issues. But now that he has impressed us in the Snyder Cut and will be back in The Flash, we’d love it if he gets to star in his own Batman series on HBO Max. This project could bring Deathstroke and Jared Leto’s Joker back. It could be everything we originally dreamed of, and so much more!

Justice League 2 (& 3)      

Since Walter Hamada has gained control over all DC projects on HBO Max, sequels to the Snyder Cut might be unlikely. But with the massive success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, I’d love it if the SnyderVerse is restored on HBO Max. Warner Bros. should definitely green light the Justice League sequels as films or a two-season series.


Things happen for DC's Future

Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke was supposed to get a solo movie. Well, that could still happen on HBO Max. It might be a grounded R-Rated small-budget action thriller, I don’t care. I just don’t want the potential of such an amazing casting choice to go to waste. Warner Bros. is running a multiverse. They could certainly run the SnyderVerse on HBO Max without any questions asked.

Birds of Prey Sequel on HBO Max

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey did not turn out to be the most profitable movie and that’s why its sequel might never happen. But, if you compare it with Wonder Woman 1984, it was actually the better DC film of 2020. So, I’d say that the Birds of Prey should definitely be back. Harley Quinn already has a gig with The Suicide Squad. But Huntress, Black Canary, and Renee Montoya should return for it. If a theatrical release doesn’t seem a viable option, then an HBO Max original film or a series should be green-lit.

Man of Steel 2

Things happen for DC's Future

Rumors suggest that Warner Bros. has brought Henry Cavill’s Superman back for a few future cameos and supporting roles. He is said to appear in Shazam! Fury of the Gods and a few other DC movies. But Cavill has so much more to give as Superman. DC fans have been waiting for a Man of Steel sequel since the first film. And, it’s about time that Warner Bros. fulfills everyone’s wishes.

Superman in Wonder Woman 3

As I’ve just mentioned, Cavill is supposed to have smaller roles in multiple DC movies. So, one of them should be Wonder Woman 3. Patty Jenkins recently stated that she isn’t a big fan of crossovers in solo films. But a Superman and Wonder Woman team-up should happen in Wonder Woman 3. Wonder Woman 1984 did not turn out to be the best film. So, Wonder Woman 3 might need an X-Factor to create hype among people. And, Cavill’s Superman could certainly be that X-Factor.

A Multiverse Movie Event

Things happen for DC's Future

The Flash will explore DC’s Multiverse after the Crisis on Infinite Earths compiled all of DC’s franchises. Along with Ben Affleck’s Batman, we’ll get to see Michael Keaton’s Batman step in from Earth 89. Once the Multiverse becomes more prominent in the DCEU, we should get a mega-crossover event like Infinity War and Endgame. This event could connect Snyder’s DCEU and the theatrical DC Films. It could also bring JJ Abrams’ Justice League Dark characters and HBO Max’s Green Lantern Corps. characters into the mix.

Batman Beyond

Ever since Michael Keaton’s return as Bruce Wayne has been announced, people have wanted a Batman Beyond movie. It should definitely happen on Keaton’s Earth 89. Once Keaton mentors Barry Allen in The Flash, he should return to his Earth and guide Terry McGinnis. An older Bruce Wayne guiding Batman in a futuristic setting is exactly what we need. So hopefully, a Batman Beyond movie will happen.

More Villain-Centric Films

Things happen for DC's Future

Joker became a massive hit. Rumors suggest that it might spawn one or two sequels. But Warner Bros. should actually try more solo movies based on DC villains. Two-Face, Lex Luthor, Bane, and even Clay Face can hold gritty and grounded solo films. And if a flamboyant big-budget film is needed, then we could have a Lobo movie for sure!

Which of these possibilities would you want to see in the future? Tell us in the comments section.

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