5 Ways to Enjoy New York the Abstract Way!

The complaints of a tiresome 24 hour long plane journey extinguished into thin air as I took my first step outside Newark Airport. I eyed the perennial beauty of the Empire State Building, visible from miles away and drowsed in the lovely aura of the Rockefeller studios. Yes, we saw the fantabulous gift of France- The Statue of Liberty & the arena of Madison Square Garden where Taylor Swift was performing and Narendra Modi did too, perform a while back. If you have seen all these landmarks, Congratulations! You just completed the banal guide to visit the city. To experience the inherent magic of New York, you will have to make your own extraordinary checklist. We are here to help you enjoy NYC in the most abstract, heavenly way possible, which will surely complete that bucket list of yours in a jiffy!

LET YOUR VEGETARIAN SIDE GO ON A VACATION: The most nostalgic moment I had on this vacation was when I was sitting in Pronto’s Pizzeria and eating my life’s most delicious slice of pepperoni pizza. The Halal vendors at every street corner are a messiah of go-to hot dogs. Do not stick to the takeout meals from the mundane food chains; Try every variant of street food available. For formal dining, visit JUNOON restaurant by Vikas Khanna and Ben & Jack’s steakhouse on 5th avenue. Don’t worry vegetarians! Indian restaurant are more common here than you’d think. Even food shops like Subway offer green options in a high number.

WEAR DIFFERENT SHOES ON BOTH FEET:  You read it right! The crowd of the city is either dressed in pastel tones, looking impeccable or adorning Mohawks and colorful sneakers and accessorizing in the funkiest place possible, and the locals compliment you on it, too! As if it wasn’t great enough that I was wearing a grey polka dot sock in one foot and blue striped one in the other! If you want to discover the freaky, bright, innate ‘designer’ inside yourself, the cool New York streets are the place to be!

BE GARRULOUS, TALK TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE: The NYC inhabitants are extremely kind, of course when they aren’t in a hurry and practically running and bumping into each other on the sidewalk! If you are feeling overly inquisitive, take some time out of your tour and talk to the people around you. Heck, even the security guard at the New York Public Library is affably talkative! Strike up a conversation with the tour guide as well! Taxi Drivers are the nicest, especially because tipping is compulsory in the state.


For the most exhilarating artistic experience a trip to MOMA or The Museum of Modern Art is a must. As an avid researcher of the works of Van Gogh and Peter Gauguin, seeing the original ‘Starry Night’ in front of my eyes was something I will never forget in my life. Fancy a darker theme? An entire floor is dedicated to the works of Yoko Ono, and in its quirks I managed to find my greatest of inspiration. Almost every building in Manhattan, especially Radio City & the tallest one- The MET LIFE Building serve as a luxury treat to budding photographers. The Grand Central Station is the finest piece of architectural brilliance you can endeavor in the uptown.

WALK ON FOOT (IF YOU CAN):The best part about New York is that all the necessities are available on foot- Fast Food, Grocery shops, Recreational parks, everything! The city’s structure is well planned and every shopping mart like JC PENNY and MACY’S are a few blocks away from the subway station. A very fine evening I walked out and unexpectedly reached Bryant Park. To my delight, I found out that free dancing/music lessons and Yoga programs are held in the Park every week! Sadly that day I had missed Alicia Keys, a famous singer, by half an hour who came to perform in Bryant Park. That’s the celebrity ridden New York for you! NY Public library was a heaven for me, a book lover and every half an hour you can hear the NYPD Police cars running with sirens blazing & spray painting artists showcasing their skills at every sidewalk!

It’s funny how NYC leaves you feeling; it’s breathtaking, you are left wanting for more. Disneyland for Pizza lovers loquacious travellers. The subway system is horrific, but even there we could see singers & dancers & actors performing! The evening walk in the busy metropolitan city feels like a distant dream now. The city was like a blurry painting, vibrant and open to the extraordinary individual’s interpretation and soul. I realized that in my quest to discover the city, I had ended up discovering myself; my ‘abstract’ self in this abstract world.

Sugandha Vir Anand

A 19 year old ‘superior-average’ individual studying in the University of Delhi; having ordinary strengths yet enjoying the banality of life by writing pseudo-philosophies! Cheers!
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