Sugandha Vir Anand

Sugandha Vir Anand

A 19 year old ‘superior-average’ individual studying in the University of Delhi; having ordinary strengths yet enjoying the banality of life by writing pseudo-philosophies! Cheers!
  • Sep- 2015 -
    17 September

    MUST TRY!: 5 Celebrity Detox Diets!

    Get ready to lose that belly fat, ASAP!- It’s never to late to feel good about yourself! No one can deny the benefits of a healthy diet, and the ultimate benefits that come from a flat belly! But somehow, we get lost at this point, or perhaps lose motivation in between. It’s easy to start a diet, but rather hard…

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  • 9 September

    Sarcastically yours~How to GET THAT LOOK!:: VMA Edition!

    We are what we wear, right? Some times you just want the winter blah’s to go away, and wear that pale white sweater which is definitely 2 sizes larger, or you want to dress to impress, so you rock those aztec print shorts all the way to the mall! Don’t hate to admit it, you choose to wear what your…

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  • Aug- 2015 -
    27 August
    Newseasy to cook meals

    8 Great Easy to Make Meals!

    We know what you have to go through when you are living too far away from your family. Every day you miss inhaling the scrumptious smell emitting from  dinner that mother would serve you ever so delicately. So we realize it isn’t easy at all. Sure, it’s an independent life and you are having your fair share of “fun” in…

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  • 19 August
    NewsEnjoying New York in an Abstract Way

    5 Ways to Enjoy New York the Abstract Way!

    The complaints of a tiresome 24 hour long plane journey extinguished into thin air as I took my first step outside Newark Airport. I eyed the perennial beauty of the Empire State Building, visible from miles away and drowsed in the lovely aura of the Rockefeller studios. Yes, we saw the fantabulous gift of France- The Statue of Liberty &…

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