10 Lesser Known Things You Should Know

How long can you pull off a conversation about the weather, or the sad condition of the society we live in? Here, I give you a list of some of the most interesting topics you NEED to know about, not only to sound smart, but to make an impression that’s worthy of you. Let’s make that tete-a-tete over coffee more riveting!




In a region called Hudson Bay in Canada, it had been discovered during the  60’s that gravity here is significantly less than other parts of the world. This is  majorly attributed to the fact that the Earth isn’t a perfect sphere and the  uneven distribution of mass means slightly uneven gravity.



Just like volcanoes in some parts of the world, especially Africa, there are  lakes that have been victims to what is called a LIMNIC ERUPTION. The  phenomena is similar to the opening of a soda can, only this is the biggest  soda can ever, which can cause waves almost as high as 25 meters. These  are really just giant C02 waves that can suffocate people to death. Lake Nyos  and Lake Monoun in Africa are notorious for the same. Maybe I’ll be skipping  soda for a week.



Measured 3.8 kilometers across the Blue Mountains in Oregon, the world’s largest  known living organism, is a kind of a honey fungus. Honey fungus, or Honey mushroom is the common name given to several different species of fungi in genus Armillaria. Italian chef Antonio Carluccio claims its delicious with spaghetti and red chilli!



This one is for all the music buffs- the badgermin is an instrument which is    hands down, one of the quirkiest (pun intended). The honey badger is a    ferocious bad ass of the wild, but a trio of nerds somehow  managed to kill a honey badger and stuffed its guts with a Theremin (an electronic musical instrument) and Voila! There you have it ladies and  gentlemen, a dead badger that can make alien sounds. *facepalm*



Google is doing it again! Its changing the world as we know it and for better. Project Loon is Google’s initiative to provide internet access to the 60% of the world’s population that’s never been online ever. How internet evolved and how far it will go, we have no idea but Google is set to launch a number of helium balloons and send them to places where cell towers can’t  reach to provide reception there. These balloons can bring widespread social  and economic benefits through to the people whose lives are never gonna be  the same again. The project was named Loon for its association to both flight    and ingenious insanity!



As the name has rightly grabbed your attention, it is indeed a Cheech and        Chong paradise. It was started by Steven Hagger of the HIGH TIMES in 1988  (all hail the blessed man). It’s a festival featuring some locally brewed “stuff”,  held every November in Amsterdam where it allows judges to vote for their  favorite marijuana varieties. I’ll see you lot there!



Yep, you read that right! Throw away those greasy chips and listen up! Researchers from Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Centre  have developed and patented a new type of seaweed that tastes just like  bacon.  It’s twice as nutritious as kale and infinitely more delicious. Nom-nom!



Yes I’m a Walking Dead fan, but this is scarier because this is real. Also called  the Cotard Syndrome, the Walking Corpse Syndrome is a rare mental disease  wherein a person has delusions that they are dead, either figuratively, or  literally. Ever fantasized about meeting a zombie?



I’m not sure how many of you have heard of this absolutely brilliant concept  that’s been the talk for quite some time now? Edging, or in more technical  terms-orgasm control- is a technique where your body stays in an aroused state of  pleasure for a long time without reaching an orgasm. Other than its obvious  sexual rewards, this technique has been used by artists to create  masterpieces because the stimulated state of the body creates a kind of a  “hormone cocktail” and the euphoric sensations make the brain more effective.  Anyone experiencing a writer’s block?



Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert is also a “Happiness Expert”. Yes that’s very much a thing. The concept of a “psychological immune system” has shed light upon a revolutionary field of study, “The science of happiness!” Simply put, we have mechanisms in our minds that can help us be happy against all odds. We can literally choose to be happy. Now you know what to say to your friend crying over that break up, eh?



You are now ready to impress. You’re very welcome guys.

Sonakshi Saxena

A bundle of paradoxes, she hails from a family of overachievers, making her the only odd one out. Meet Sonakshi, a simple sarcastic potterhead who loves eating, reading, dogs, FC Barcelona, Modern Family and dancing . She can crack you up easily and talks with her can range anywhere from utter nonsense to life changing. Smitten by wanderlust, she is socially awkward but charming, aversive to hugs but fuzzy, unimposing but discerning, but mostly just supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
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