Sonakshi Saxena

Sonakshi Saxena

A bundle of paradoxes, she hails from a family of overachievers, making her the only odd one out. Meet Sonakshi, a simple sarcastic potterhead who loves eating, reading, dogs, FC Barcelona, Modern Family and dancing . She can crack you up easily and talks with her can range anywhere from utter nonsense to life changing. Smitten by wanderlust, she is socially awkward but charming, aversive to hugs but fuzzy, unimposing but discerning, but mostly just supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
  • Sep- 2015 -
    7 September

    4 Things to Know About Dengue

    The kachhua chhaap with its choking capabilities has found its way back in our homes with the dengue season here. Many cases have been reported just in the last couple of days and the number is on the rise at a dangerous rate. I’m sure y’all already know the causes, symptoms and preventions. But these are a few things I…

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  • Aug- 2015 -
    28 August
    FootballLuis Enrique

    Enrique’s Barcelona: A Quick Review

    Up until last year, the team has been deprived of a stable management, but now under Luis Enrique’s sturdy leadership, the team has improved visibly this year. Enrique has played smart and without changing Pep Guardiola’s method, he has modified it to the team’s strengths. After Guardiola he’s the first manager who’s working on the team’s pressing tactics. Known for…

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  • 27 August

    FC Barcelona v/s Athletic Bilbao: How it All Played Out!

    It was the third time Barca was facing Athletic Club this season. Losing the Spanish Super Cup to Athletic Club was enough for Enrique and his Barcelona side to come prepared for the match at San Mames. It was expected that Barca would be a little sharp from the beginning against Bilbao, but the start from both sides was quite…

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  • 23 August

     10 Lesser Known Things You Should Know

    How long can you pull off a conversation about the weather, or the sad condition of the society we live in? Here, I give you a list of some of the most interesting topics you NEED to know about, not only to sound smart, but to make an impression that’s worthy of you. Let’s make that tete-a-tete over coffee more riveting!…

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