Gotham Season 2: What all Can you Expect from the Upcoming Season

Gotham season 1 began with a lot of hype and fan excitement, but after a while it became a dull ride which disappointed substantial chunk of the viewers. It was devoid of a larger vision, character development and WTF moments. Instead, it was vacillating between many storylines and ultimately failed to connect with DC community. Season 1 covered Bruce Wayne parents’ murder, rise of Jim Gordon in GCPD and Penguin in Gotham’s crime scene, gang war between Falcone and Maroni crime families etc.

The show-runners addressed fans at Comic-Con, 2015 and promised to deliver a power punch in season 2, putting up a much bigger and grander spectacle. They are calling it as “rise of the villains” in Gotham. In order to fight them and save the city from death and destruction, there will be new band of heroes who will join the cause of Jim Gordon. Apart from Penguin, a host of comic book villains are going to be added which may include Hugo Strange, Calendar man, Azrael, Tigress, Clay Face, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow and a hint of Joker arc which would probably play out in season 3. Barbara Kean (Jim Gordon’s ex-girlfriend) is set to go batshit crazy and end up in Arkham in the next season, but she is unlikely to go into the direction of Harley Quinn. There is a big speculation of actor Cory Michael Smith a.k.a Edward Nygma is the future Riddler. Even Jim Gordon will shun his idealism & morals and will do things which are questionable, but for the greater good of the city. Another big announcement is casting of Michael Chiklis as Jim Gordon’s mentor Nathaniel Barnes. We will most likely get a good look of the Bat Cave, but Bruce Wayne is unlikely to come full circle and become the “Dark Knight” in the next season. He will continue to learn more about secrets at Wayne enterprises and his true purpose in life. Let’s hope the new season fulfills the expectations…

Anuj Aggarwal

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