The Return of Red Skull In MCU Would Provide Some Justice To Bucky

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has all kinds of supporting characters. But only a few that stick around in the long run. With a slew of movies, the characters just keep piling up. So the MCU keeps what it likes and the rest recede into the background in the main movie timeline. However, with the newfound focus on OTT shows Marvel is now able to use all of their characters to their utmost potential. Even the ones that could not get enough screentime. One such character is Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier. We think that the return of Red Skull would provide some justice to Bucky.

But what do we mean by that? Well, Bucky has played an important role in the MCU. He has been pivotal in the character arcs of both Captain America and Iron Man. But the character has to have much of his own back story fleshed out. I mean, sure, we know that he was brainwashed and kept on ice as a lethal Hydra agent. We also know that Hydra kept him around long enough to have Howard Stark killed and revived him again to fight Captain America.


I would call the story of the winter soldier to be a tragic one. And although he is cured of the brainwashing of Hydra and Zola, the story of Bucky Barnes is not yet complete. Even with Falcon and The Winter Soldier we only got his reconciliation with the shield. The show was more focused on the legacy of Captain America than finishing the story of Bucky. We think it’s about time that he got some Justice. He was held up against his will for so long that the man had to readjust to society.


The Return of Red Skull

It should come as no surprise to anyone that we except Bucky Barnes to battle the Red Skull the MCU soon. I mean, it makes sense right? Red Skull was the one who kidnapped Bucky after the ambush on the train. It was under his orders that the American compatriot was transformed into the Hydra assassin. A tragic and grueling fate. Unable to die, unable to even live. Only alive to murder and listen to orders.


Return of Red Skull

We believe the fact that Red Skull and Bucky Barnes both are kicking around in the MCU is a sign of things to come. It will be quite perfect to see both of them come together in the same movie. The Red skull was responsible for the atrocities conducted upon Bucky’s person.  A solo movie with Bucky as the headliner would only be complete if the main antagonist is Red Skull himself.


We have several ideas of how this could be accomplished, one of which is more nuanced than the other. The first idea is to have a physical confrontation between the characters, which is janky and boring to watch. Not to mention, has been done a thousand times before. The second idea is more suited to the current role of Red Skull in the MCU. The character now acts as a guide to the soul stone.


Justice for Bucky

So it makes sense if he is retrieved from Vormir by remnants of Hydra but still maintains his vague persona. This will enable the writers to shift to a much more philosophical tone, not unlike the Matrix. A tone like that could do wonders for Bucky’s first solo outing. The most impressive villains are the ones who make total sense. The ones who are relatable. With this new persona of his, Red Skull has the capacity to be all of that.


Return of Red Skull

A new Hydra under the command of a nihilistic Red Skull is the stuff of nightmares. He could be a mini Thanos in this new style. There is also the possibility that the original Red Skull never returns to death, but with the new Multiverse, a much more powerful Red Skull Variant decides to drop by. We already know that the pace stone has the capability to open portals to dimensions. So a Red Skull who manages to master the space stone could technically visit our universe.


If such a thing happens then Bucky will be uniquely placed to handle the situation. Maybe we will get to see a battle between an Evil Bucky and our Bucky. This would be fantastic, and quite a lot more interesting than all the other ideas we have proposed. What do you think of all these ideas? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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