5 Marvel and DC Characters Who Got Handicapped

There are a lot of tragic incidents in the stories. Sometimes even worse than death is those which leave the superheroes or their allies handicapped. Here are some such characters who were handicapped after an incident:


In the epic battle between Batman and Joker, after Batman is nowhere to be found, it is Alfred waiting with his shotgun to attack the Joker, who strikes first with a knife and hence Alfred loses his hand. Believing Bruce is dead and he ha no more use for it, he refuses to get it reattached.

Lois Lane

This is the most recent development in the comics, when the debris falls on Lois, cutting her leg. Superman is shocked to see this and uses his heat vision to stop the bleeding by sealing the wound after which he takes her to the hospital. After which, well he has to save his son who’s been kidnapped. It sure is a bad time for Superman’s family.


After being deemed unworthy to wield his hammer, Thor uses an axe to fight the Frost Giants and Malekith. This doesn’t go too well for him though as he gets his arm cut by his own weapon and is left to die at the bottom of the ocean. It is then in the hands of the female Thor, who now wields Mjolnir, to defeat Malekith. Thor doesn’t die and returns with a metal arm though.

Roy Harper

The former Speedy, when catches that it is Prometheus who is in the Justice League headquarters in the form of Captain Marvel, tries to make everyone know this, but before he can do so, Prometheus slices off his arm. He gets to the others though and then falls unconscious. After waking up he sees the damage the villain has done,  also finds out about his daughter is dead.

Red Tornado


Red Tornado’s soul is tricked by Felix Faust in leaving his normal android body and getting a new human body. To become a better man for his family he decides to get into a human form. He then fights Solomon Grundy, who then tears Tornado limb from limb. Just as he’s about to die he is placed together by Zatanna’s magic.

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