How The Ending of Black Widow Connects To The Rest of MCU

Black Widow is making waves all around the world. Fans are particularly happy with the fact that Natasha Romanoff got a chance to tell her story. As explained by Scarlett Johannson before, the movie was never going to be an origin story. That’s why it was set between Civil War and Infinity War. Moreover, in hindsight, the movie did explain her past every now and then. But apart from all this, the Ending of Black Widow actually connected to the wider MCU. So, let’s see how.

1. Black Widow Got Her Farewell

Natasha Romanoff finally got her memorial in Black Widow, something that Avengers: Endgame failed to give. Even though Tony Stark got his farewell, Natasha didn’t. But this movie changes that, and it also shows her sister, Yelena visiting her, making it an emotional scene. But still, one thing that was failed to resolve is the explanation as to why she didn’t get a proper goodbye in Endgame. Moreover, the moment was somewhat spoiled by Valentina’s cameo. Anyhow, it set up Yelena’s future in the MCU.

Yelena and Valentina

Ending of Black Widow

As explained in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, Valentina (or “Val”) is someone who hires superpowered or exceptional individuals for an as-yet undetermined project. And Yelena is no stranger to her. While standing next to Natasha’s memorial, Val approaches her. So, it’s clear that she is setting up the Dark Avengers as he has already got John Walker under her wing. Moreover, she is going to be responsible for the events that unfold in Hawkeye as she just hired Yelena to kill Clint. So it is clear that Val is all set to create some chaos in the MCU, considering her history in the comics.

Why Black Widow Rejoined The Avengers For Infinity War

The reason why Black Widow rejoined the Avengers for Infinity War is simple. It’s because she realized that they’re a family and that family is currently in turmoil. Before the credit roll, Natasha’s last meeting with Mason led to her acquiring a Quinjet. This could also explain why Happy Hogan was able to take on the role of Stark’s Asset Manager. In this sequence, she realizes that the Avengers are a family in themselves irrespective of their pasts and future. That why is why she goes to help her friends, and free some of them.

What Was the Red In Black Widow’s Ledger?

Ending of Black Widow

The Avengers established that Natasha had “red in her ledger.” Black Widow finally explained what this was about. Moreover, this was somewhat of a sub-plot of the movie. Black Widow revealed the crime she was holding onto was, and it was the killing of Dreykov’s daughter, Antonia. Natasha was forced to kill Antonia as collateral damage to take down the leader of the Red Room – General Dreykov.

It was later on revealed in the movie that Dreykov turned his daughter into the ultimate killing machine – Taskmaster. But Natasha fights her in a serious battle and is able to free her from his father’s mind-control by using the red vial. But that doesn’t mean Antonia’s suffering is over. She will still have to live a life and maybe even be reprogrammed to become a human and not a killer.

Why Yelena’s Jacket Is Crucial In Infinity War

Black Widow finally confirms that Natasha’s new outfit in Infinity War was courtesy of Yelena. This jacket was in conversation during the whole film and actually made for some comic relief as well. But this jacket is not just a simple piece of clothing. The jacket represents Yelena’s first opportunity to express her own identity after decades of the Red Room’s control. So it clearly meant a lot to Yelena. But giving it to her sister was no big deal for her because, by the end of the movie, this so-called family was a real one now.

How Black Widow Escapes General Ross

General Ross is actually one of the biggest threads in Natasha’s life. Even at the beginning of the movie, she is on the run after the events of Civil War. Moreover, in Black Widow, this tension is never shared on-screen. At the end of the movie, Ross’ convoy of agents discover Natasha’s position, and instead of running, or joining the other fleeing Widows, she says she’ll hold them off. But Natasha didn’t have anything to bargain with because she sent the information on Red Room away with Yelena. So maybe she fled once again, only to buy some time for her first family to escape. This could explain why she remains on the run in Infinity War with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson.

What’s Next For The Widows, Red Guardian & Taskmaster?

Apart from Yelena and Melina, there’s an entire fleet of the Widows who leave Dreykov’s control with Melina and Alexei. Even though Yelena can carry the codename even if she works for Valentina, things will definitely turn for good. In the fleet, some might return to their normal lives, and some might not. Melina and Red Guardian could very well take care of these Widows and provide them the family they never got.

What The Ending of Black Widow Really Means

Black Widow has finally done justice to Natasha Romanoff as core character. Endgame killed Natasha but didn’t even care to give her a proper farewell. Her stories were always left off-screen and not given much attention. The best part of the entire movie is that she finally gets the respect that she has deserved all these years, and showcases the mistreatment of young women and girls, something that Hollywood may never address face front.

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