10 Awesome Facts About Wonder Woman You May Not Know

Wonder Woman is one of the oldest and most popular superheroes in the D.C universe, but she has not been exposed as much. Unlike Superman and Batman, she hasn’t had countless movie adaptations that allowed the average movie viewer to familiarize themselves with her background and powers. But that has become a thing of the past, as Wonder Woman graces our presence is three blockbuster movies. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) featured an appearance of the Amazonian beauty and the upcoming Justice League: Part 2 set for June 14, 2019, release sees her fighting along with Batman and company.Wonder Woman also finally got her own film set for June 2, 2017, release. So before Wonder Woman becomes a noun we refer in our vocabulary, let’s explore some really fun facts about her. And they are pretty awesome facts.


1) Wonder Woman was inspired by Margaret Sanger:

Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston was famous not only for his comic book creation but for his polyamorous relationship with his wife Elizabeth and his student Olive Byrne. Marston was deeply interested in gender dynamics, women’s rights, and the suffragist movement. Margaret Sanger a women’s activist was Byrne’s aunt ans she, in turn, presented Marston with Sanger’s book Woman and the New Race which inspired the independent comic character of Wonder Woman.


2) Wonder Woman Was The Daughter Of Zeus:

Wonder Woman’s origin story famously started when her mother formed her out of clay and she was brought to life by the Greek gods, which meant she had no father. Wonder Woman’s superpowers were a result of her blessings from the Gods, including superhuman strength from Demeter (Goddess of the Earth) and super speed from Hermes (God of Messengers).

But the origin story was changed significantly when Brian Azzarello rebooted the character as part of DC’s recent New 52 relaunch. In the New 52 reboot, she is actually the daughter of Zeus – King of the Gods.


3) Wonder Woman is Princess of the Amazons:

Wonder Woman hails from Paradise Island, later dubbed Themyscira, which is home to the Amazons. Her mother is Queen Hippolyta, which makes her Princess of the Amazons. Inspired by Greek mythology, the Amazons are a race of warrior woman living free from men. All of the Amazons are well-trained in combat from a young age, which makes her a formidable foe in a fight.


4) Wonder Woman Was A Response To World War 2:

The first comic book superhero, the Superman, hit the stands in 1938 but came under fire from critics who said Superman could be a negative influence on American children. This was the time when the rise of the superhero coincides with the rise of Nazi Germany. Parents demand that the books be burned.Superman publisher, M.C. Gaines asked Marsten for help who in turn recommends a female superhero to bring a touch of femininity in the violent superhero world.This gave birth to Wonder Woman as we know today.



5) Wonder Woman Was Created To Rival Superman’s Strength:

Marston created her to rival the strength of Superman, but still have all of the positive characteristics that he associated with females, such as fairness and loving of peace. He originally called her Suprema, The Wonder Woman, but her name was shortened before she made her comic book debut.


6) Wonder Woman Was Created To Be A Feminist Icon:

From the onset of her creation, Marston had intentionally made Wonder Woman a heroine who could inspire readers with her character and power.

In a press release announcing his creation, Marston wrote “Like her male prototype, ‘Superman,’ ‘Wonder Woman’ is gifted with tremendous physical strength…’Wonder Woman’ has bracelets welded on her wrists; with these, she can repulse bullets. But if she lets any man weld chains on these bracelets, she loses her power. This, says Dr. Marston, is what happens to all women when they submit to a man’s domination.”

He concludes: “Wonder Woman” was conceived by Dr. Marston to set up a standard among children and young people of strong, free, courageous womanhood; and to combat the idea that women are inferior to men, and to inspire girls to self-confidence and achievement in athletics, occupations, and professions monopolized by men.”


7) Wonder Woman Bracelets Keep Her Powers In-Check:

She is one of the strongest DC superheroes, with superhuman strength that puts her at least in the same category as Superman. She has even overpowered Supergirl, who is sometimes considered more powerful than Superman, though Wonder Woman is admittedly aided by her Amazonian warrior training. It was long thought that her silver bracelets, which were created from the remains of Zeus’s shield, added to her powers since they are unbreakable and can be used offensively.


 8) Wonder Woman has Run For Office Twice:

Wonder Woman ran for office in a comic book written by Marston in 1943, and then again in a cover story in Ms. magazine in 1972.


9) Wonder Woman Is A Founding Member Of JLA(Justice League Of America):

The  Justice League of America, which debuted in 1960, included only one female superhero: Wonder Woman. Also included on the team were Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman. Eventually, more females joined, including Zatanna and Hawkwoman. She is often depicted as a founding member, sometimes even acting as the group’s leader along with Superman and Batman.


10) The Lasso of Truth Was Based On Marston’s Lie Detector Test:

In the Wonder Woman comics, the heroine’s Lasso of Truth forces anyone in its snare, to be honest. The weapon was likely inspired by Marston’s own creation of the lie-detector test in 1913. The basic test consisted of taking someone’s blood pressure as they answered questions. Any elevation in blood pressure signaled a subject’s guilt.

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