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  • Mar- 2021 -
    1 March

    Games Like GTA 5 May Be Banned If New Bill Passes

    As Chicago Sun-Times reports, Rep. Marcus Evans Jr. “wants to amend a 2012 law preventing some video games from being sold to minors”. Earlier, violent video games were prohibited from being sold to minors. The latest amendment aims to expand the scope of this law to issue a complete ban altogether. The latest talking about the game is Rep. Marcus Evans Jr. out…

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  • Jan- 2021 -
    3 January

    Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2021

    Well, 2020 is over and we are happy. You ask why? Well, you know what the answer to your question is. It was a tough year for everyone around the world, and things were not laid out easily for anyone. Personal lives, industries, and the world, in general, suffered a lot due to the coronavirus pandemic and continues to do…

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  • Sep- 2020 -
    4 September

    Marvel’s Avengers Game Hints At Another Character Capable of Lifting Mjolnir

    Marvel’s Avengers has hit the markets and people are loving it. The players get to play with their favorite heroes in a campaign that is pretty extensive, thrilling & worth every penny spent upon the game. The Avengers take on the leader of AIM, MODOK along with other villains like Taskmaster & Abomination. But as we go through the story…

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  • Aug- 2020 -
    28 August

    Final Trailer of Marvel’s Avengers Game Shows Off Its Great CGI & MODOK

    Gamers are ready to finally get their hands of Marvel’s Avengers. Now that it is so close to its release, Marvel has given us one final look at it in 4K. The CGI in the trailer looks amazing. Those who had problems with the different suits and CGI will now be happy because the developers have really made things better…

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  • 9 August
    DC Games will be Revealed At The DC FanDome Event

    All New DC Games That Will Be Revealed At The DC FanDome Event

    The DC FanDome event is going to be huge. I’m not even afraid that it will keep me up for 24 hours because this is the convention that I’ve needed throughout the pandemic. We recently got the trailer for the Dome, and now we’ve got a new announcement which has revealed a 100 names that are definitely going to attend…

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  • May- 2020 -
    2 May

    New Study Reveals Which Country Produces The Best Gamers

    Which Country Produces The Best Gamers: There is a lot of time in our hands. The Lockdown that has taken over the world as Coronavirus has swept through the planet is making us do things we never thought we would ever do in our entire lives. Things that existed only in stories like cleaning up our rooms or cooking, a…

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