Rocco Marinelli

Rocco Marinelli

Rocco is the VP here at QuirkyByte, and he has been writing since he could hold a crayon. He is a huge fan of music, nature, the arts and anything unique, or creative. Physical fitness is also a passion for him. Currently Rocco resides in upstate New York.
  • Jul- 2015 -
    14 July
    NewsPhoto of 8 MMA Finishes In Under 8 Minutes

    8 MMA Finishes In Under 8 Minutes

    The MMA fight game has come a long way since it first made its way into the sport arena in 1980. Today’s top fighters are extremely well rounded in many disciplines, with an applied knowledge of boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitso, etc. these fights are approached like a chess game . Each move has a counter move, and each opponent is patiently…

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  • 11 July
    NewsPhoto of 10 Crazy Kids Being Kids

    10 Crazy Kids Being Kids

    Childhood should be a time for learning, experimenting and having fun. The worries of the world shouldn’t affect you, and everything you see, hear, taste, and touch brings new wonders and possibilities. Though there are rules that children have to follow, breaking those rules is just as much a part of growing up as making them. Bad behavior is excused…

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  • 9 July
    NewsPhoto of The Many Faces of Iron Maiden’s “Eddie”

    The Many Faces of Iron Maiden’s “Eddie”

    Its hard to believe, but England’s heavy metal group, Iron Maiden has been making records and touring for over 35 years now. Millions of fans worldwide have been rocking out to the band and their ever present mascot “Eddie,” or “Edward the Head.” Originally conceived by artist Derek Riggs, the design came from a mask that the band had been…

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  • 8 July
    NewsPhoto of 8 Amazing Athletes With Disabilities

    8 Amazing Athletes With Disabilities

    Personally, I have always admired and respected any athlete who has reached the upper echelons of their respective sports. It isn’t just about being blessed with superior genetics, it is about hard work, discipline, focus, commitment and overcoming obstacles. Nowhere is that more evident, than in sports that showcase athletes with disabilities. Some were born with this, some sustained life-changing…

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  • 7 July
    SocietyPhoto of 8 Reasons Artists Are Starving

    8 Reasons Artists Are Starving

    We’ve all heard stories about the poor, starving artist. The creative genius that sacrifices everything, so he can fully immerse himself in his craft. I’ve heard it said that artists never really become famous, until after they die. Most of the time, that doesn’t help either. Here are 8 examples of why an artist is going hungry tonight. “Trigon the…

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  • 7 July
    FitnessPhoto of 10 of the Fittest Athletes on the Planet

    10 of the Fittest Athletes on the Planet

    Many of us want to be healthy. We go to the gym, we try to eat the right foods, get our zzz’s. Some of us actually manage to get in pretty decent shape. Here are 10 athletes that have taken the word “fit” to another level. Men and women that have that elusive combination of genetics, dedication, and drive to…

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  • 6 July
    NewsPhoto of 8 Heroic Pet Stories

    8 Heroic Pet Stories

    Man domesticated the first animal, a dog, as far back as 18,000 to 30,000 years ago. It is believed that this special relationship began long before humans started using agriculture, and preceded other animals by several millennia. Over the years, many species of animals and man have learned to co-exist, providing each other with companionship and safety. In many homes,…

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