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Will Christian Bale’s Batman Appear In The Flash Movie?

The upcoming Flash movie has created some controversy over whether Christian Bale’s Batman will appear alongside Michael Keaton in the multiverse story. The DC Universe is taking a multiverse approach to the film, positioning it as a reset point for the franchise, with The Flash serving as the central character. The movie will star Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, as well as other familiar DC heroes from recent films, such as Ben Affleck’s Batman. However, the multiverse story also means that other versions of Batman will appear, including Michael Keaton’s.

The Flash movie trailer provided some insight into Michael Keaton’s role in the movie, but not much has been revealed about the specific role he will play. It appears that he will assist Barry Allen in freeing Supergirl from a meta-human prison, while Ben Affleck’s Batman will also have a part to play. Some have speculated that Christian Bale’s Batman will also appear through the multiverse, but there has been no indication of this yet.


The confusion over whether Christian Bale’s Batman will appear in the film is understandable, given that multiple versions of Batman will feature. A quick shot of Batman riding a Batcycle in the trailer has fueled speculation that Bale may be the one under the cowl in this action sequence. However, other shots from the trailer indicate that it is Ben Affleck’s Batman in this scene, and set photos and videos have also confirmed that it will be the DC Universe’s original Batman actor.


Despite the lack of evidence supporting Bale’s involvement in the film, there is still hope that he will make an appearance. The multiverse storyline of The Flash provides an opportunity to bring back past actors who might otherwise not return, and Bale’s inclusion would be a great addition. Bale has stated that he would only play Batman again in a movie directed by Christopher Nolan, but a cameo opportunity in The Flash may be enough to entice him.


The Flash movie may be the last chance for Bale to return as Batman, with the upcoming soft reboot of the franchise under James Gunn’s direction. The Brave and the Bold will see Batman recast once again, making it unlikely that Bale will ever reprise the role. However, with a character who can travel through different timelines and universes, there is still a chance that Bale could appear in The Flash and connect the various iterations of Batman in the DC Universe.


Overall, the multiverse storyline of The Flash offers exciting possibilities for DC fans, with the potential to see multiple versions of beloved characters. While it remains unclear whether Christian Bale’s Batman will appear in the film, his inclusion would undoubtedly be a welcome addition. With Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck confirmed to reprise their roles as Batman, The Flash promises to be a thrilling ride through the multiverse for DC fans.


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