20 Sweetest Pictures of Florence Pugh That Will Make You Fall For Her

Yelena Belova is one of the fantastic characters we saw in the latest Black Widow movie, and last, she appeared in the Disney+ Hawkeye series. The character was played by the very talented Hollywood actress Florence Pugh. Fans loved her outside the Marvel Universe very much, and when Marvel announced that she was joining the Marvel team, fans lost all their senses. Florence Pugh is one of the finest actresses in Hollywood. Yelena is still going to be in MCU’s future projects. Here are some of the hottest pictures of Florence Pugh that will make you fall for her all over again:

1. Sexy!


2. Very Beautiful!!

3. Oh Wow!!


4. Spectacular!

5. Crazy Girls!!


6. Chilli on the Floor!!

7. So Hot!!


8. Perfect!!

9. Foodie Florence!!


10. Marvelous!!

Pictures of Florence Pugh

11. Hot Pink!!


12. OMG!!

13. Wow!


14. Mesmerising!

15. Most Talented Actress!!


16. These Two!!

17. Gorgeous!!


18. Sparkle Babe!!

19. Lovely!


20. Ready To Slay The Red Carpet!

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