Why the MCU is Earth-616 and Not Earth-199999

MCU’s constant expansion has been going on rampantly throughout Phase 4. The Multiverse Saga was set up by the last two movies of Phase 3, and now in Phase 4, most things have been about the Multiverse. Things have become quite confusing for many people over the concepts of Multiverse. People are confused about the distinction between Earth-616 and Earth-199999. Why the MCU is Earth-616 and not Earth-199999.

It is commonly known that the Marvel Comics Universe was the one known as the 616 Universe. This means the Earth that readers followed for most of their lives was Earth-616. So previously, when Kevin Feige was asked how the Marvel comics universe connects to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he said that both these universes were a part of the Multiverse. The Comics Universe was Earth-616, and Feige dubbed the MCU as Earth-199999.


But then, confusion began when we got to Spider-Man: Far From Home. In the trailers, Mysterio called MCU’s Earth as Earth-616, and people did not know what to make out of it. But then, when the movie came out, everything that Mysterio said came up from a script written by Gooderman. So, the doubts people had were gone; whatever Mysterio said was just made up! And once again, in everyone’s minds, the comics universe became Earth-616, and the MCU became Earth-199999. But now, in Phase 4, those mind-boggling questions are back again as Doctor Strange 2 has once again titled MCU’s Earth as 616.


Why the MCU is Earth-616 and Not Earth-199999

Even Marvel producer Nate Moore has gone on record to say that the MCU is in Earth-616. So people have been left wondering how exactly is that possible. How can the comics Universe be in Earth-616 and the MCU also be in Earth-616? Has Marvel just forgotten about the comics universe? Is the MCU not in the same multiverse as the comics? Well, the latter is what seems to be the case here!


Now let me give you a few mechanics of universes and multiverses. One particular universe has billions of galaxies. One multiverse has billions of universes, which are also dubbed timelines. And then some terms are even bigger than a multiverse. A multiverse has infinite Universes, but there’s a Megaverse that has infinite multiverses. And then comes the biggest of all verses, that is, the Omniverse. This is the collection of every universe, multiverse, megaverse, dimension, and realm. But we don’t need to go beyond the Megaverse right now.


To fix the confusion between the Marvel Comics Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we believe they are both part of two separate Multiverses. The Earth-616 of the comics is not the same as the MCU because their events and characters differ vastly. The MCU is the Earth-616 of one particular Multiverse. And the Earth that comic readers follow is also 616, but of a different Multiverse in the Megaverse. And guess what, we’ve already seen two different multiverses within the MCU. Loki episode 6 began with a quick classification of two multiverses.


First, we zoomed out from one solar system to one galaxy, then to one universe, and then the entire multiverse represented by a blackhole. And besides, that blackhole was another massive blackhole where we kept zooming in and saw infinite universes until we reached the Citadel at the End of Time. So, this is the multiverse where our MCU exists. This is also the multiverse where all of Sony’s Spider-Man universes exist. In short, the two black holes we saw are two different multiverses.


The first one could include the Marvel comics Universe where readers follow the earth called Earth-616. And the second black includes the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where the Earth of the Sacred Timeline is called Earth-616. So this way, two different Earth-616s exist in two different multiverses. And in the multiverse of the comics Universe, there could also be an Earth-199999 that’s similar to the MCU. But it’s not the Earth-616 we currently follow in MCU movies.


Now to give you another broad appeal, this comic multiverse could also include multiple comic universes of DC! That’s how the DC characters crossed over with Marvel’s characters back in the day. And maybe, the DC Extended universe and other universes like the CW could be a part of a third multiverse in the Megaverse! So for a cinematic crossover of the DCEU and the MCU, their separate multiverses will have to be connected somehow.


I hope your doubts have all been resolved. But if you’ve got some more doubts, feel free to fill up our comments section.

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