She-Hulk: Who Are the 7 Soulmates of Abomination? Are They Mutants?

She-Hulk’s second episode dropped a short while ago, and it left us with two other mysteries. The series is going pretty well so far. Marvel actually did a good job wrapping up the origin story in one episode and then making She-Hulk a public figure in the very next one. Things are happening really fast, and these two episodes did one other major thing involving the Abomination! And people have been left asking, who are the 7 soulmates of Abomination?

Emil Blonsky has shown some real improvement since he broke Harlem in The Incredible Hulk. He seems to have grown softer. Whether this is all an act or not remains to be seen. But this change in his attitude is probably true because Marvel is building a roadmap to the Thunderbolts. And that is a team of victimized villains who would band together and do some good. It is a Marvel’s version of The Suicide Squad, and the MCU seems to be turning this team into a sort of Dark Avengers lineup where all its members are darker versions of the original Avengers.


Val is a darker counterpart of Nick Fury. Yelena Belova is a counterpart for Black Widow. Then there’s Taskmaster, who could replace Hawkeye. US Agent is a clear Captain America replacement. Similarly, the Abomination is a counterpart for the Hulk in this squad. Now you may be thinking, how does all this answer the question of the 7 soulmates that seem to have bought a large piece of property for Blonsky? Well, it’s all connected.



Blonsky mentioned that he met his 7 ‘soulmates’ through the prison pen pal program. So, I believe that they could be these mysterious misfits of society that She-Hulk has been seen talking to in the trailer. Even Blonsky was seen with them in a separate teaser. The following image only shows four other people besides Blonsky and She-Hulk,  but there could be 3 others who are off camera, or they may not be present in the room at the given moment.


Who Are the 7 Soulmates of Abomination

During the time that Blonsky was in prison, he would have become a part of a prison pen pal program, which is basically a support group for prisoners who are different and see themselves as victims. And that’s where Blonsky would have met these guys who became his 7 soulmates. The reason I call them prisoners is because this guy in the corner is an Obscure Marvel supervillain called Porcupine.


So they all could have done villainous things to end up in prison. But what’s common between them and Blonsky is that they are all different from ordinary people and don’t naturally fit in. Who knows, they could also have different powers and may be termed as mutants in MCU. With the way Marvel has introduced mutants in the MCU through Ms. Marvel,  These weirdos could definitely fall into that category.


She-Hulk has also teased the existence of Wolverine with this easter egg of a man with claws being involved in a bar fight. So this series is setting up mutants, and I am going to go out on a limb to say that some or all the 7 Soulmates could actually be mutants. But what’s important is that they have formed a brotherhood of their own. And by talking to these people in the support group, Blonsky seems to have turned good. He has found a kinship, and they also seem to like him back. I mean, why else would they have bought a large piece of property for him?


We’ll obviously find out more about these 7 soulmates as the show goes on. But who are the 7 Soulmates of Abomination according to you? Let us know in the comments.

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