How The Ironheart Suit Will Be Better Than Iron Man

We just got the stunning trailer of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which looked like another masterpiece. It gave us a tease for the new Black Panther of Wakanda. We got our first look at Namor, the Submariner. But what most people are not talking about is the tease of Ironheart. Dominique Thorne appeared as Riri Williams. And we even got the tease for her new suit, as she recreated Tony Stark’s iconic moment. This confirms that we will see a prototype version of her suit in Black Panther 2. And we think the Ironheart suit will eventually be better than Iron Man (eventually).

The first suit of Riri Williams was also suggested by the leaked Funko Pop action figure of Ironheart. After this film, we’re going to see this Genius Inventor lead her own series on Disney+. In the comics, Riri Williams is an MIT student who got spotted and picked up by Tony Stark. He became her mentor and even granted her an A.I. that carried his own voice. While an AI with Tony’s voice may not be the case in the MCU, Riri is quite lucky that she’d be spotted by another genius on Earth, and that’s Shuri. So instead of Tony, Shuri would be her replacement mentor of Riri.


The Ironheart Suit

But the most exciting bit about the Ironheart series comes from what Kevin Feige said on Disney’s Investor Day. He claimed that Riri would have the most advanced suit of armor since Iron Man. I can’t imagine how her suit will be better than Tony’s Mark 85 armor. But okay! Let’s try and figure out how that could be the case.


We presumed that Tony could not top his Mark 50 armor after Infinity War. Because of Nanotech, it had an army’s worth of weapons and ammunition stored in it. But then, the only way we thought Tony could top that armor was with Vibranium. Wakanda had opened up its borders sometime before Infinity War. That’s probably where Tony got his hands on Nanotech as well. But if he could have gotten some Vibranium, too, his next suit would have been unbeatable.


Instead of a Vibranium suit, Tony worked on a suit that could practically work as an Infinity Gauntlet. So, the suit did not have the one component that probably could have sustained the snap, and that’s Vibranium. And we reckon this is how Riri Williams will come up with a better suit than Iron Man. We all know that in Black Panther 2, she’d be on the land that is rich in Vibranium. And she would be trained by Shuri, the world’s best Nanotech Vibranium suit maker. On top of that, she has been called a genius inventor herself. So, mixing her own findings and the learnings from Shuri, she would create the best combat suit to this date.


Because she is a fan of Iron Man, she’d take on his mantle, and we’ll call her Ironheart. Just imagine a nanotech Vibranium Iron Man suit filled with crazy weapons. That suit would be unbeatable. So everyone’s got to watch out for Ironheart because she’s here to surprise us all. Who knows, Riri might also pick up a thing or two from the Black Panther suits. It would be interesting to see what other revolutionary technology would she come up with on her own. But my theory is that her suit should have a Vibranium element.  That’s the only way it could be better than Iron Man’s Mark 85 armor.


What do you guys think about our theory? Is there any other way Ironheart could top Iron Man’s armors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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