How Love and Thunder MCU Timeline Is Perfect For GOTG Holiday Special

With its World Premiere out of the way, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is about to have a thunderous entry at the local box office later this week. Many critics who have already watched this movie are saying that this is one of the most perfect MCU movies. But after we noticed this tiny detail in its trailers, we realized it is also perfect for the future of the MCU. Especially, for the Guardians, who are going to be in this movie! Due to Love and Thunder MCU timeline, it is perfect for the Guardians Holiday Special.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is the upcoming MCU and the first movie to be the fourth solo adventure of any MCU character. The movie will pick up things right after Avengers: Endgame, where the viewers will see Thor with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Or as he liked to call them, As-Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie will feature a newer and improved version of Thor, who has somewhat overcome his depression. And the Guardians, especially Peter Quill, have helped him along the way. They are now more than just teammates; that is what we see in the trailers.


Love and Thunder MCU Timeline

But there is something else we see in the trailer that many fans have missed. After we see the Guardians coming over to help Thor on what he describes as ‘kind of’ like a vacation, we see the Guardians sitting in Benatar and leaving for their next adventure. Many fans seem to think that this is them leaving for their future in their upcoming sequel in 2023. However, Thor 4’s position in the MCU timeline says otherwise. In fact, it suggests that Guardians might be on their way to their upcoming adventure in the Holiday Special.



The official trailer of the upcoming Thor movie sees him communicating with the Mighty Thor, aka Jane Foster. In that conversation, Thor mentions something that seemed like a product of his desperations and loneliness. We are, of course, talking about the dialogue where he mentions it has been ‘8 years, 7 months, and 6 days since Jane and Thor mutually decided to break up. Considering that Thor and Jane broke up with each other around some time after Avengers: Age of Ultron is set. They would have broken up sometime around May of 2015.


Applying our excellent Maths skills, this puts the day Thor met Jane’s version of Thor around December of 2023. By looking at the trailer and seeing how the events would have turned about, we can see that Thor doesn’t have the Guardians with him. Because they left him sometime before that moment. That lines up perfectly with the Guardians being by themselves for the Holidays. Also, they might barely have time for some other story between the Holiday special and their part in Love and Thunder.


This is the level of planning that Marvel is known for. MCU has been losing touch with excellent timeline placing, but this has restored some of the damages. Fans have been visibly excited for the Guardians Holiday Special, given how James Gunn specifically requested something like this. And to know that they will be fresh off from a battle with Thor seems so exciting. Also, it would mean that the Special might have Thor: Love and Thunder references. Where Thor fits in with Phase 4 of the MCU is also solved by this revelation. We know that Phase 4 has been a little confusing, considering that the movies haven’t been clear. But seeing that Waititi has already made it clear in the trailer itself, says a lot about his planning.


Now, let us know what you think about the above theory down in the comments.

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