5 Reasons Why Spiderman Should Appear In The Defenders

Spiderman is New York’s very own friendly neighborhood guy and the Defenders also operate in New York only. Considering now both Spidey and The Defenders have been introduced in the MCU, it would be idiotic not to Cross-over both of them. Here is a list of reasons why Spiderman should appear in The Defenders

New York City

It’s a mostly well-known concept that most of the Marvel heroes reside and operate in New York City. The Defenders, both in Harlem and Hell’s Kitchen, are all about New York and so is Spidey (Queens). So a crossover event is surely inevitable because it would not make any sense if these heroes do not come across each other sometime in the future.

Kingpin vs Spiderman

An epic rivalry from the comics is Spiderman facing off against the gangster boss Kingpin, a.k.a Wilson Fisk. Vincent D’Onofrio himself has shown a lot of interest in playing Kingpin against Spiderman. So Spidey could surely team up with Daredevil and other Defenders against Kingpin.

Street-Level Heroes

The Defenders as we all know operate on the streets of New York and so does Spiderman as he turned down the offer of Tony Stark for joining the Avengers. Considering that all these Superheroes operate in the same areas in the same city taking out thugs and thieves, it would be really cool if a crossover does happen.

Introduction of Daily Bugle

Daily Bugle is a big press company in the comics and the owner of the company is the iconic Spiderman character, J. Jonah Jameson. His inclusion was really missed in Homecoming and considering all the New York street level heroes operate together, it would be a great opportunity to introduce the big press company.

He could connect The Defenders and The Avengers


Avengers Infinity War is a highly-anticipated and unprecedented movie that will feature most, if not all of the MCU superheroes we have seen in the movies so far, from Iron Man to Star-Lord and Spider-Man. So if Spiderman does appear in Defenders, he could get the Defenders to meet the Avengers, which the fans have been wishing for so long.

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