How will John Cena stop The Club?

The feud between John Cena and ‘The Club’ is basically heading nowhere. A week after week they come out in the middle of the ring and show the number game. Arguably this is also the most talked about the feud in the wwe universe. Therefore, the creative team is planning something big. Here are few things that might occur.


That seems to be the best possible scenario. All other superstars are busy with their own storylines. Even Jericho (Who had a feud with Styles) is looking for a title opportunity. And certainly, they won’t continue a three v/s one feud. Hence, a big surprise return seems inevitable. Who it might be? Is a big question. It can be Kurt Angle or Randy Orton. Probably very soon they will come out with something.


For a major part of this year, we heard news of Finn Balor joining his former mates on RAW. The wwe team waited for a long time and now that The Club is on a roll Finn Balor would be delighted to make his debut. A storyline comprising of Cena, Styles and Balor would be a treat for the entire wwe universe.


This is another huge possibility. From his debut Styles had kept saying that he wants to be the best in wwe history (Rollins shield déjà vu). But every time he accompanies The Club he is criticized by Cena. WWE always prefers these kinds of scenarios and plays with the characters. Before battleground, we might witness Styles heel turn against Club and team up with Cena.


The way things are moving a new era v/s old era is inevitable. And ‘The Club’ is the front-runner to lead the new era. The Club along with Finn Balor is very popular and effective in Japan. However, to maintain their stardom in wwe they need a lot of creditability to shock the world and join them. John Cena would be the perfect person for that. Every single superstar in wwe has once or twice turned heels and this might be Cena’s turn.


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